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Feb. 18, 2015, 7:26 p.m.

About rhali8

What's this? Who's there! YOU! HOW DARE YOU! LEAVE MY PROFILE ALO- oh, wait, you're just visiting. Sorry about that.

First off, I'd like to say a big, welcoming


About me:

I have been using PC Part Picker since 2012 (Over 4 years now), but officially made an account in 2015, but before I start talking about myself, I'd like to give a special thanks to the PCPP Staff and all of you folks who make this site special. Thanks guys!

I just turned 16 not too long ago, live in Australia, and have been studying IT at both school and home. I do a variety of computing subjects, like IPT, Graphics and Engineering, and enjoy them all. After school I wish to do a double degree at university in IT/Game Creation, or IT/Engineering. I like the topic of cars as well.

For anyone interested, my birthday is on the 16th of November :D

Main Site Users:

You might have seen me earlier before - maybe I made an awesome comment, made a great build guide, or posted something in the forums. I like to contribute a lot on this site and have spent hundreds of hours here. This site has a really great community, but there are a few people who you will see everywhere. These people are true PCPP - holics and are very friendly! Here they are:

- Note there are quite a few more, but I am listing the ones I know the best :D

There are also five main staff on this website. If you have any problems or questions, let them know!

My Gaming PC:

Not too long ago I built my amazing gaming PC. I rekt my bank account, got charged with murder, spent 3 years in Jail and then came back to find my amazing custom built PC. I saved up for around 3 years and managed to hit the $1400 sweet spot. Link is below:

-Hurricane - The Full $1400 Gaming Machine-

I use my computer to do schoolwork, PCPP stuff, and gaming. I mainly play Battlefield 4, but occasionally I can be found playing Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, Garry's Mod and Star Wars: EAW. My name on steam is Craftscoper420, and the same goes for Origin. If you wanna be friends, just let me know you are from PCPP and I'll accept your request.

My Friends:

I am currently friends with a quite a few nice people on PCPP. They are:

  • Jipster69

  • Piemancoder

  • IwannaPC

  • GuyWhoCodes

  • S0nny_WarBucks58

  • Digah2750

  • Percivious_

  • Wobfish

  • PumpkinPc

  • Tiedyetophat

  • Minerz

  • GentlemanShark

  • Tiny_Voices

  • ThePacklemore

  • Vagabond139

  • RaspberryPiFan

  • tomtomj2

  • Xorex64

  • MacGoreth

  • PentiumPursuit

  • Legonate416

  • Randomperson51/Imapie4688

  • Spycrab

  • Matthewtina2015

  • JAShadic

  • Kokonip

My Fridge:

Yes, I do have a fridge that uses my computer when I'm not home to use PCPP.

How it feels to be banned for 5 minutes:

Useful links:

There are quite a few good links on PCPP that will either give you laughs, make you wow, or give you useful information. I've listed the best ones below:

Rhali8's Special Builds:

This is something new! I've decided to make my own list of hand picked PCPP builds that I love. Check them out!

  1. 001 - By Lamarlangston - Added 18/03/2016
  2. Red & Black Phanteks Evolv Skylake Build - By JamesCoil - Added 24/03/16
  3. Tanjunna - By Eltech - Added 23/05/16
  4. The addiction is real...Hyperlight 2.0 - By xlegendof - Added 03/07/16

Wow, you made it to the end! Thanks for reading! PM me if you have any questions! Enjoy! :D