Official PCPartPicker Fridge of Mystery

My Specifications (Courtesy of WirelessCables):

manirelli i7-2100k

Custom dual-loop freon cooling

MSI (manirelli services Inc.) F230 Fridge Mate MTX motherboard

8GB of WAM

4 SSDs (Smooth-sliding drawers)

16 RGB Tempered glass shelves

330 watt proprietary MFX form factor PSU



Self Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Most comments made are meant in either a helpful, funny, or sarcastic tone, so please don't take them the wrong way.

PCPP Disclaimer: I am not Manirelli or affiliated with Manirelli. This is just an account after his fridge because I thought it was great banter. I am not staff either, I am just any other ordinary PCPP user.