I am a graphic designer and photographer in the northern Michigan area. I have only a couple year's experience in assembling hardware for computers, but am absolutely loving the hobby and communities involved with building your own PC. PCPartPicker has been an amazing utility for me to learn and expand my knowledge on the subject.

Even though I do a lot of work in InDesign, PhotoShop, Premier, etc, I also play. Lately, I've had my hands full with The Witcher 3. My current R9 270 is doing a fantastic job of giving me playbale framrates (30-45) in the low-mid settings.

So far I only have 1 real build, although I did a complete tear-down and rebuilt it with a new motherboard and case as I had an issue with power that I could not resolve otherwise. I am a fan of AMD builds and anything that can get you the most computational horsepower on a budget.

I plan to continue to build, although my next committed build might be a while as it's hard for a college student to justify the price of the hobby.

Looking forward to participating in this community and enjoying everything PCPartPicker has to offer!

You can find galleries of my photographic work at