I finally made a profile on this website. I'm a gaming and computer enthusiast who got into this business towards the end of being in high school. I built my second PC at the beginning of October of 2016. I've also made a computer for my parents one month later. Feel free to send me a message to ask or talk about anything.

Update 10/18/2017

I'm currently working on a new project. In short, it involves creating a stand up arcade cabinet that uses a PC to run MAME. I may end up posting the final build on this website or somewhere else.

Update 1/22/2018

Cabinet is underway with the CRT monitor, Windows PC, Marquee, and Speakers mounted in a partially completed plywood cabinet. Here is a video showing off the intro for Super Turbo:

Update 03/24/2018

The arcade cabinet is finished and runs beautifully. It utilizes a Wells Gardner 33D9205, which has capabilities of displaying 1:1 video from many resolutions between 240p and 480p.

If you would like to see the finished product, check out this showcase video: