So here you are, looking at my profile.

Congratulations on finding me! Thanks for checking my profile out! It get lonely after a while! I am a Teenager that lives in a very technology centered city- Austin, Texas. I love it here. I grew up working with my dad, building servers for his clients to encode and decode data streams faster than anything else at the time. Ever since then (when I was about 5), I have been hooked on having fast, affordable, and most importantly, the best looking PC hardware on the market (well, at least that I can afford.. XD).

My first full-fledged gaming build was a modest i5-760 paired with a GTX 660, and it cost me under 300 dollars. As time went on, I picked up an i7 3770 for free on craigslist (an Acer aspire me-600 with a bad power supply), and threw that in my PC. I owned a Thermaltake Commander MS-I white case at the time, which I eventually grew out of.

I sold that pc (along with a stereo, monitor, etc.) to a friend for just over 800 dollars, giving me enough to dabble into the world of gaming laptops. After lots of research and video reviews (shout out to HTwingnut!!!!) I decided on a used sager-np7330 with an i7 that outperformed my old 3770! I used that laptop for quite a bit (2 years), in which I did quite a few road and plane trips with it. It may have been loud, but it performed admirably.

In mid-2015, I sold that laptop for 950 dollars, which totaled over $600 in profit from my original desktop! However, I was not satisfied. I wanted a cool, quiet, and somewhat compact gaming rig. That is when I bought the parts for my current PC, which can be seen in my i5-6500 build. I am fairly happy with it, as I mostly play BF4 across 3 1600x900 monitors.

If you have made it this far into my profile, I want to thank you. If you have any questions, or need help with your PC build, shoot me a message! I love to help out!

Thanks for reading! ~Storm


It is now Fall 2017, and man! I've been away from the PCPP community for a while and it sure has grown. A little update on my personal setup... I now run this:

-Razer Blade 14 2015 w/qhd touchscreen

-LG 34UM57-P Ultrawide 34" Monitor

-Logitech G610 Orion Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

-Roccat Kone Mouse

-Customink Desk Mat

-Audio Technica AT-2100USB Mic

-Sound Blaster X-Fi USB Pro Sound Card

-JLab Flex Headphones