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Jan. 12, 2017, 2:34 a.m.

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This is a rough guideline showing modern GPU sweet spots for different resolution in modern titles. The sweet spots may vary depending on the situation.

1080p @ 60hz = RX480, GTX 1060
1080p @ 144hz, 1440p @ 60hz = GTX 1070
1440p @ 120+Hz, 4K @ 60hz = GTX 1080

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Cheapest, best way to use Windows 10 activated

  1. Choose a version. I suggest Windows 10 Home edition for gaming and general usage.

  2. Purchase the cheapest, product key here, or on the Mircosoft webstore.

  3. Download Installation Media Tool For Windows 10here

  4. Follow steps beneath that Web page.

  5. When it asks "Enter product key", enter the key received from the package bought earlier.

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In most cases, the 80+ Efficiency ratings are largely useless.
Firstly, the ratings aren't always equivalent to the PSU's efficiency you buy. A lot of brands 'cherry pick' their PSUs when sending ECOS (the ones who provide the 80+ ratings) resulting in a rating better than what you'd actually get.
Secondly, the efficiency tells you nothing about the quality of the PSU or electrical performance. All it tells you is the amount of power given to your components divided by the power draw from the wall. No PSU is 100% efficient. Some energy will be wasted as heat (mainly) in the conversion of DC to AC. There have been many cases of 'Bronze' PSUs performing better and better quality than 'Gold' PSU's.
Finally, in most cases, efficiency of PSUs won't save you alot of money. For example, we compare the Corsair CX550M "Bronze" PSU to the EVGA G3 550 "Gold" PSU. Let's say the components of the PC are moderately high tier for gaming (GTX 1070, i7 6700k) which actually uses ~215w at a gaming load. Say the user games 3 hours a day, six days a week for every week of the year and their electricity prices are US14c KWh. In 1 year they would save an outstanding 90 cents by using the EVGA G3 550w PSU as opposed to the Corsair CX550M... There you go. Because we know the "80+ ratings" are vague in their accuracy, the lack of relevance it has to a PSU's quality (which is very important when choosing a PSU), and the real-world effectiveness of a more efficient PSU shows these ratings can be basically ignored in most cases.

Identifying counterfeit Windows: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/howtotell/Software.aspx?tab=PackagedSoftwareTab

Why not unactivated:


(5.) You are authorized to use this software only if you are properly licensed and the software has been properly activated with a genuine product key or by other authorized method.

You may not bypass or circumvent activation

The general rule to remember is that if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/howtotell/Shop.aspx