Hi. I'm Rayven. I love to go planespotting, and watching tech YouTubers. I game and 3D design on my PC, and enjoy talking with friends in free time. I play games like War Thunder, ShellShock Live, Stick Fight, and Castle Crashers. I'm trying to get into building games like Stormworks and Brick Rigs, and serious racing games like Assetto Corsa, Grand Turismo and Dirt. I just started renedering with blender, making scenery for X-Plane 11 with a friend.


I make parts lists for other people, so if you need one, and don't want to ask the community, send me a PCPP DM, with budget, any component ideas, or needs. I'll get the parts list ready as soon as I can, but just know, I can get busy sometimes, so your parts list might not be done immediately. If you want to request a change that you're too lazy to do yourself, just send me another DM, and I will right the wrong, or add whatever else you like. I'll call it; "RayvenBilt"


I just bought my PC, but I have some upgrades planned. I want to add RGB fans and light strips, buy a new CPU cooler, and eventually, a new GPU such as an RTX 2070, or maybe a new case. Most of these upgrades won't happen until mid 2020 though, because I've got some money that needs to go into my bank account.


2020 is a hoax. Its 2019 II

I also happen to be a total petrolhead. At this point, I'm really diggin the Porsche Taycan turbo S, and the McLaren 600LT.

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Stage 0 - Complete 9/17/19

Stage 1- Completed --/--/--

Stage 2 Completed: --/--/--

Stage 3 RubyOMEGA Completed: --/--/--

Parts list is posted; Go check it out here!

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