What do you mean "About Phillip.Phillip"? There is nothing about me. I may or may not exist...

Favorite quote - "I literally can't deal with this right now"

  • Me to all my problems

When I feel happy, I go to pcpartpicker. When I feel down, I go to pcpartpicker. When I'm excited, I go to pcpartpicker. I basically go here all the time. I love helping the people on this website to the best of my abilities and (it's really stupid) but I feel like I could make a difference one comment and build guide at a time. If you have a question, just ask me! I'll literally be on this site anyway so I'll reply pretty fast:)

As of today, February 3rd, 2016 my comment karma is 100 if that even means anything

200 :P





As of today, February 12th, I'm at 666 comments.

The amount of comments I have right now on February 17th, 2016, are as big as a 787 Dreamliner. This does not matter in the slightest but it made my profile description longer.

I AM NOU AT 1000 COMMENTS OML - 2/24/15 (6:58 P.M.)

watch this for laughs

My favorite mixtape of all time

When BÆ says she's home alone