I am always right when I give you computer advice. If I say someone is full of it and wrong they are 100% of the time and lose credibility. I will post a list of those individuals here as I find them. My goal is to help not give false information. If you need a parts list contact me. I can also build you a computer if you want.

Proud Owner Of DIgital Storm Vanquish Level 3

Intel Core i5 6600k at 4.4 ghz

8gb ddr4 clocked to 2666 mhz

z170 motherboard gigabyte

250gb samsung 850 evo

1tb seagate harddrive

evga gtx 970 4gb

corsair 750 watt modular psu.

i forgot the case ill add it later

windows 10 64 bit

super nice pc and its totally worth the cost will upgrade it till pcie 4 then move to the new motherboards and new processors