I'm cloudy, i'm 14 years old and i'm very interested in computers and gaming

I currently have a pretty decent laptop, but i'm soon close to buying the parts for my new pc

Here's my partslist:

Update on partlist: I have actually used the us site instead as it totals to cheaper when converted into GBP. Newegg is a life saver! All of my parts excluding the CPU totals at $596.30 which is £413.66. That's includes the Nvidia GTX 960 4GB graphics card instead of the 750ti c:

All i have to do now is check to see if the website i'm buying my cpu from is legitament, and then my total price of my build will be a whopping £575.99, compared to the £680+ parts that were based in the UK

Remember, i'm an amateur so i'm open to making mistakes, as well as taking criticism from you guys which'll help me out!