Ethyn - 19 y/o

I play games and try to teach myself how to play guitar. I'm always on this site because I have no life. I love football (Dallas Cowboys!). My favorite games currently include Madden 20, Beamng. Drive, War Thunder, and GTA V. There are others but those are what I currently enjoy. ejT21 on steam so hit me up ;)

I started getting into PC gaming around 2015. I didn't know much then so I bought a cheap computer and got upset because it cost more than an Xbox 360 but played games worse. That is what got me to dig around and learn more about computer parts and what they do so I could build my own!

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Favorite Builds I've Seen - No Particular Order

Stormtropper - polarbipolar

Project N.E.R.G.B. - saracatlee

A Winters Day - SHICHIRI533

Patience - dixonerfais

Crystal Gem - kdong1996

Am I Worthy? - asc629

Sad Machine - XXRAYZOR

Cat Proof Build - cmdr_flint

Ghastly - crookz_n_castlez

Main Rig - TragikTimes101

Glass Fusion V2.0 - Radox-0

The Sentinel - Sentinel3.14

"RTIC XTAL" - JukeFacktory

Favorite Music

Gun's N Roses



Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osborne

Motley Crue

Bon Jovi

Def Leppard


In This Moment