I'm a computer artist/graphic designer who also enjoys traditional forms of fine art including drawing, painting, illustration and sculpture. I'm also into 3D modeling and am now getting into 3D printing as well so I may one day print out all my 3D creations. Casual PC gamer here (nothing extreme). My favorite gaming genres are MMORPGs, FPS and Racing.

As far as PC building, I get inspired from some of the amazing PC builds done by others on this site. Here's a list of my personal favorites:

Corsair Whiteout by cyranosaurus - an excellent all-white themed mid-tower build

CyberWare by TechFox - totally awesome '80's Synthwave theme

Silver Minion by wahfue - small, compact, minimalistic & watercooled.

Skyline by daniel.petrykin - RGB overload!

HoneyBeeTuf by daltonsollars - yellow & black theme

First mATX Build by K1LO89 - blue & green theme. Nice desk set-up too!

REACH by dcrddck - classy black & white themed build

Quiet White by Compromise - simple black & white theme (nice pictures too)

Greenhorn Dragon by mithiral67 - an overkill watercooled PC with nice cable management

Waifu 2.0 by burritoqueen - an upgrade to the original builder's first PC

Leche Naranja by LiquidArrogance - orange & white theme. Name means "Orange Milk".

ThinThread by Spectracide - I like this guy's entire PC set-up

Compact Intel Game PC by AlanMM - small form factor PC built in a Lazer3D LZ7 case

The Shoebox Build by TheGameBench - the "shoebox" is a Loque Ghost S1 MkII case

Aorus Master Build by jfisher256 - Intel i7, RTX 2080, Gigabyte Aorus/CoolerMaster build

Project N.E.R.G.B. by saracatlee - it means "Not Enough RGB!"

Project ICESTORM by saracatlee - a white-themed Primochill watercooled open faced PC.

The Classic by ryanmission - an HTPC built inside a 1953 Philco Bakelite Radio!!!

Mr. Coffee PC by Logarythym - a Mini-ITX PC built inside a Mr. Coffee machine!!!

Bucket List 2.0 by managerman - Corvette Tribute Build (carbon fiber tubes and BP fittings)

White Out Snowblind by Sovereignty - built in an iBuyPower Snowblind Case

NZXT H500 Snowblind by Chizzango - a DIY Snowblind modded NZXT PC!!

The Gaming Drone by Ireland914 - Star Trek/Borg inspired theme.

Project Sith Lord by slave2theaxe - Star Wars/Red & Black Sith theme

Walnut Wall-E by SumtinWong88 - Custom Wood ITX PC

On the Wall by jase33 - wall-mounted ThermalTake case PC

RGB Craze by Swagmessiah - another RGB overload!

Dark Energy by Silvermike - Custom Parvum Watercooled ITX PC

Teal and White by jeffreymays44 - obviously teal & white theme

Vaporwave Lucy by ManlyEgg - watercooled PC in ThermalTake Core P5 Mid-tower case

RGB Iron Man by builder-wu - Iron Man themed Watercooled PC

Royal Crystal by Makirole - a build for G.Skill's 2019 Computex Booth

Dirt Rally 2.0 by Mnpctech - tribute build for Codemasters Dirt Rally game

Aetos by Makirole - a 3D Printed/CNC Machined ITX LAN PC

Bit-Tech 1000D Mega Build by Makirole - client build for showcasing Corsair's 1000D case

Rigid Success by gearshift_ - a rigid tube watercooled PC

Sunset Overdrive by polyfruitism - another RGB synthwave themed PC

LimeLight by HIGHimERRL - a white & lime green themed watercooled PC

Sunmilo T03 by vizicore - very nice minimalistic silver/aluminum SFF PC

A E S T H E T I C by da_drake - another RGB themed compact water cooled ITX build

The Adjudicator by Cavi - minimalistic black & white, Non-RGB, air-cooled ITX PC

HT Box 2.0 by neo239 - home theater/gaming PC built in a laser cut acrylic case

Microwave Build by Neosalicious - a PC built inside a freaking microwave oven!!!

The Rabbit Hole by TLHotshot - RGB and custom watercooled mid-tower PC

Liquid Steel by Dutch_PCbuilds - "outside-the-box" concept Mini-ITX watercooled PC

Altered Carbon V.2 by spawn01 - Custom ITX build with carbon fiber panels

Model M by Samjanss0n - Super clean and neat PC, PC desk and set up!

B L A C K T O W E R by Jinair - Open style case Mini-ITX PC

Grand Finale by customgtp - a custom water cooled PC built inside a mini-fridge!!!

Frostb1te by dscustoms - Blue & white themed custom modded watercooled PC

Warp PC by Subtle3d - Star Trek inspired warp core design custom 3D printed PC

Toaster PC by DesignSynthetics - a small form factor PC built inside a toaster!!!!

(...more to come)