Hire us to build & test your custom PC for a reasonable fee (£50.00). Gaming, Live Streaming, VR, Video Editing, DAW, CAD Workstation and Home Cinema!

We build desktop computers to custom specifications. Specialist in the building, repairs, upgrades and maintenance of computers. We are passionate about what we do and therefore work to a very high standard.

We can also send photos and videos of the build in-progress if you should so desire. Being a new small business, we depend heavily on customer feedback to build and maintain our credibility online.

Why choose a custom PC rather than just buying one from a major retailer?

We can build a PC that matches the specifications of PC's from major retailers for less money! or build a PC that costs the same as the one from the major retailer but with better, faster/ more powerful parts. In either case this results in more value for your money!!!

Building your own PC gives you flexibility, you decide exactly what goes into it in order to meet your specific needs, this keeps the cost lower and gives you more value for your money, you can have a PC with equal or better performance for less money when you build your own instead of buying pre-built!

Instead of simply using the cheapest components we can find, we look for the best currently available prices on quality components to give you great value for your money!

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