Where to start... uh... well, I'm a 19, going on 20 yr old PC enthusiast. I haven't been in the game too long I guess. I've been playing PC games ever since 2014 but only built my first gaming PC in 2016. Once I built it, everything snowballed tbh, I've been swapping parts out of it not out of necessity but because I like experiencing neat hardware. The only surviving original parts of that build at this point are the PSU and the 2 WD Blue HDDs, the rest has been either sold/given away or put to use in other projects of mine. I really enjoy building PCs, enough that I ended up justifying a second build some time last year for the purpose of running Plex, Minecraft servers, among other things. During my years in this hobby I even decided to pursue a career in IT/cybersecurity as a result of my fascination with computers. I mean, they're basically rocks that can think. That's just absolutely amazing to me.

I'm also into gaming, but the selection of titles I currently play or have played somewhat recently is small to say the least. TF2, FH4, DOOM, Automation, Beamng, GTA V (on rare occasions and with plenty of mods), Mudrunner, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, Distance, Undertale... I recently got a Valve Index (fantastic piece of kit, would recommend) so I've been trying both AC and PCARS in VR, as well as other titles like HL:Alyx and Boneworks. But yeah otherwise I don't play a ton of games, a good chunk of my library hasn't been touched in over 2 years, some games I've never even bothered playing. I need to get better at giving more games a chance I guess.

Other things...

  • I'm into trains (have been since I was a kid, steam locomotives are some of the most beautiful, powerful machines I've ever seen)
  • ...and cars (when the stars align I would like to import an R32, S13, or a Chaser, for the time being I'll keep researching V6 swaps for my 5th gen Toyota Pickup).
  • I also used to be a huge Lego fanatic but as soon as I got into the PC scene I stopped buying sets.
  • I'm kinda into mobile tech but not nearly as much as I used to be. It's fun watching technology progress and all that but to me, smartphone innovation has kind of plateaued at this point, so I only really bother geeking out about the numbers a smartphone has when I'm in the market for one.
  • This only started somewhat recently but I really enjoy 2D animation (Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss anyone?) as well as 2D furry stuff (Twokinds in particular, that comic is as old as my younger sister at this point and it kept me happy through a rough patch a year or so back).
  • Drum and bass is fire

If you made it this far, congrats. I guess.