Hmm, what should I use to catch people's attention...


I am a teenage recently adulted computer enthusiast poor person who likes building computers. I am very laid back but also kinda lazy. I enjoy gaming, derping with friends, deep thought, and world domination pudding. If you want my opinion or advice on subjects such as but not limites to, computer parts, computer troubleshooting, pudding, philosophy, or /to do: insert other thing/, please ask and I will be happy to give advice/rant about stuff/debate about stuff. :)

With me an upvote or a thank you really does go a long way :)

Favorite teas: Basically anything that comes as a can of leaves will be well enjoyed, anything else, no guarantees. I am usually partial to black teas with citrus, lavender, or vanilla such as lady grey (which is like earl gray but with less oil of burgamot (which is a citrus btw), more other citrus, and some lavender)

Favorite food: I have no idea. Food is food, a plate of food can be good or bad but I cannot categorize a culinary style based on the plate of food in front of me.

Profile picture: It's a strange picture of Vinyl Scratch/DJ-Pon3 I found. I did this because I saw the user Vinyl_Scratch_ playing around with profile pictures.

Interesting and useful things from around the Internet:
Adolf Hitler's FBI file
current lineup of professional cards (updated 2-19-17)

disclaimer I am not responsible for anything you do. I am not responsible for anything you do not do. I cannot grantee the validity of anything I say except for the contents of this disclaimer.