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Asus - ROG SWIFT PG248Q 24.0" 1920x1080 180 Hz Monitor

( 4.5 Average / 12 Ratings )




Part #

(or) PG248Q

Screen Size


Recommended Resolution

1920 x 1080



Aspect Ratio


Viewing Angle

170 ° H x 160 ° V


350 cd/m²

Response Time

1 ms

Refresh Rate

180 Hz





Supports G-Sync


Built-in Speakers






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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
1stWave Technologies $689.00 In stock $689.00+
DTC Systems $698.00 +FREE s/h In stock $698.00
Computer Lounge $698.95 In stock $698.95+
PB Technologies $698.99 $698.99+
Mighty Ape $699.00 In stock $699.00+
Paradigm PCs $710.00 +FREE s/h In stock $710.00
Aquila Technology $711.62 $711.62+
Ascent Technology $760.63 In stock $760.63+

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khmergod 12 points 25 months ago

Lightning fast monitor. 1 star off for price.

cyrano84 9 points 24 months ago
from completed build The AbyssWalker

Overall a decent G-SYNC monitor, but sometimes it switch back ON on it's own after i turn it OFF.

PotahProcessor91 8 points 24 months ago
from completed build My White Dream!

I waited till the end to make sure I had enough and went with the Asus ROG SWIFT 24" 180Hz G-Sync monitor. That's a mouthful. And worth the wait (of saving and researching, it was delivered within 2 days of ordering.) Going from my 32" 720P 60Hz its amazing. now I use my other T.V. as a hardware monitor/ web surfing and this beast as my main gaming screen. I got it for $299 on Cyber Monday and was soo afraid it either wasn't going on sale or be sold out. It arrived in 2 days and works swiftly at 120FPS at ultra settings. -Note: claims to be 180 Hz than in small print "Can be overclocked to 180Hz" its actually a 144Hz, just keep that in mind. And to turn it up to 180Hz, locate the little nub on the back next to the power button, press it and tune it where you'd like! Worth buying when on Sale! Not the $700 price.

Shinryu-Vergil 9 points 22 months ago
from completed build Project Ageis

love this monitor I always played on 27 inch monitors but had no problem with this 24 inch also Gsync is a plus

ThunderCougarFalcon 12 points 21 months ago
from completed build NX-01 - A Gaming Rig

Awesome to finally game at 144HZ and GSYNC is pretty baller. Says it can OC to 180Hz, but I leave it at 144.

zulumidnight 21 points 21 months ago

Note: in order to get this thing to 180hz you have to overclock it on the monitor settings.

Nice monitor, the 180hz is butter for your eyes!

Tennygeldbaugh 9 points 13 months ago
from completed build First Gaming PC build!

This monitor is incredible! Huge fan!

rckll 12 points 13 months ago
from completed build First Major "Upgrade"

Bit the bullet when I got a ~$175 discount from a promo during a local ASUS-hosted tournament (it retails at around $585 when I'm from) and wow, seeing 144 fps for the first time was like going from 30 fps to 60 fps and even moving the mouse around or scrolling webpages look so much smoother at 144hz than at 60hz. 60Hz screens now look so jarring and unsmooth for me.

eWOOD29 12 points 13 months ago
from completed build RGB Gaming PC

Most amazing gaming experience I've ever gotten on any monitor ever. The G-sync plus the insane 180hz refresh rate makes gaming buttery smooth. If you don't mind TN panels, it's a great monitor. I would recommend waiting for a deal to buy.

Yaponchikk 28 points 13 months ago
from completed build Coffee Lake - ROG Edition

I got this monitor for cheap, and without the dreaded dead pixel issues that we have from our units (this one was straight out of the ASUS dealership in Taiwan, for a ROG Promotion).

The Good:

Performs as stated, easy over clocking, and difference is astounding (when you come from a 59Hz monitor; I don't think you can go back)

Useful if you want ultra-fast refresh and low response times on games that count (such as CS:GO, Overwatch, or any MP games in general that have high tickrates.)

G-Sync (for NVIDIA 650Ti and above GPU users only) - to cut to the chase, there IS INPUT LAG. But there is also a solution. Ref: https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag/

Built-in crosshair (for games that have "hardcore mode" i.e. COD, Escape from Tarkov, etc.), timer (for RTS or racing games or whatever use you might have for it), FPS counter (Shows actual FPS that your monitor puts out; is NOT a refresh rate counter. Useful for games that have FPS limiters that don't sync frames with your monitor, etc), & display alignment.

The Bad:

Disgusting TN display. Absurd washed out colors. Requires a LOT of tinkering, and even then, you would still be hard pressed to get a satisfactory display image. I can give you my settings if you have the same monitor and run into the same problems though, it's about 2000% better than the defaults, and about 80% accurate from normal color settings from other LED panel monitors. Then again, this is a gaming monitor, and the actual target audience that this monitor caters do most commonly play in resolutions at 800x600; what do they care about washed out colors lol


If you're looking for performance and you're sure to utilize G-Sync, by all means, this is probably the cheapest G-Sync monitor on the market with 180Hz refresh rate and 1 ms resp time.

If you're looking for absurdly beautiful graphics and a pretty neat screensaver when you're not using it, don't even think about getting this monitor or any other TN display ones in general. Get an IPS monitor with a high refresh rate. Shell out almost double the price of this monitor at the same screen size.

If you're not using G-Sync or have an AMD card, get a BENQ Zowie with Freesync :D