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AMD - Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor

( 4.8 Average / 42 Ratings )




Part #


Data Width




Operating Frequency

3.5 GHz

Turbo Frequency

3.7 GHz



L1 Cache

4 x 64 kB Instruction
4 x 32 kB Data

L2 Cache

4 x 512 kB

L3 Cache

2 x 8 MB


14 nm

Thermal Design Power

65 W

Includes CPU Cooler


Simultaneous Multithreading


Integrated Graphics


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mcaranay 18 points 22 months ago
from completed build Project Ryzen: Slikh 3.8

Overclocked to 3.8ghz with no problems and I'm also amazed with the stock coolers performance!

Nuckles_56 21 points 22 months ago
from completed build My Brother's Ryzen up

This CPU is great, it powers through gaming, comes with a really nice stock cooler and overclocked very well (3.9GHz at 1.325V)

theonej9 18 points 22 months ago
from completed build ROOKIE

CPU is great but as a first time pc builder I messed up installing the cooler. I removed it multiple times and noticed that a very small amount of the thermal paste went over the side of the CPU. As such the initial idle temps were a bit high sitting near the high 40/ low 50's. I just set it to a more aggressive fan curve, it's now at low to mid high 30's and the cooler is still nice and silent. But it was my fault and not the part's.

claanu 25 points 22 months ago
from completed build Raijintek Styx + Ryzen

Eight threads for approximately $250 Canadian is hard to match. It's plenty fast for my needs so I haven't boosted it, though AMD's software looks great.

The only issue I ran into was temperature. With the stock cooler the 1500x would idle at around 50, and it would soar past 70 under load. Too hot.

I adjusted fan curves and now it sits cool and pretty quiet at roughly 40 when idling, and never goes above 65 under load. That's still hot, but I suspect it's the limited airflow in the Styx case more than anything. Anyway, an AIO cooler is on the wish list.

kaiju_wars 13 points 21 months ago
from completed build Bescheiden 2.0

Better than it's Intel counterpart (the Core i5 7500) in almost every way. Plus so far, it's been amazing.

Seventh-Column 11 points 21 months ago
from completed build Gravemind

Awesome processor for gaming. Would recommend to anyone who can't quite afford the 1600. 4C/8T is amazing for even streaming/multitasking.

Naz0099 14 points 20 months ago
from completed build (GPU Update): A Taste of Red

Although I considered a 1600 or 1600x, I decided on this R5 1500x based on a $70 price difference at the time of purchase, since I simply didn't need 6core/12thread. The stock clock is performing excellently and breezes through multitasking and gaming. 5/5

ButterKing 16 points 20 months ago
from completed build My first pc build (Ryzen 5)

This CPU is amazing, and even with it's core clock of 3.5 GHz, it runs wonderfully. I haven't yet attempted an overclock with the stock cooler, but that's on my list of things to do.

Aloisande 16 points 20 months ago
from completed build Mister Mojo Ryzen

A solid CPU, suitable for nearly all occasions. Can be overclocked for the games or content creators. Run stock to keep the temps down, and fans quiet, while still delivering solid performance for more pedestrian uses.

jdund117 10 points 20 months ago
from completed build Sofia - First Build

Besides the fact that it doesn't have integrated graphics, I haven't had any problems with it so far. It's been overclocked to 3.9 GHz and temps have been pretty good as far as I've seen. 4 cores is great, and I'm sure I'll be using this for years to come. The only issue I've seen is that it will sometimes downclock to 1.55 GHz. Restarting the computer seems to solve that problem, but I always have to keep an eye on it.