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Redragon - Perdition Wired Laser Mouse

( 4.5 Average / 17 Ratings )






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asleader12 15 points 50 months ago
from completed build My first ever build!!

Ok mouse nothing special, it feels good and good and with all those keys on the side DOTA 2 will be a lot easier.

TwoScoopsOfPig 29 points 45 months ago

This mouse surprises me. Even though it has a somewhat light and scratchy plastic feel and weight (most of the weight comes from 8 removable magnets in the bottom), it performs like I feel my Razer mouse should. All of the buttons have great tactile feedback, all lights are totally customizeable, and the ergonomics fit my hand pretty well (which is saying something; I have certifiably huge hands). The only shortcoming of this mouse lies in the software. While it is somewhat easy to navigate and you can get your stuff done, the translation of whatever language it came from is not... good. It's hard to comprehend some of it and you have to spend a little while thinking about it. For instance, when you try to X it out after changing settings, it promts you with this: Warning The settings was changed, save the current setting anyway? [OK] [Cancel] In this case, [OK] saves and closes the program, but [Cancel] still closes it. Granted, this isn't too bad, but it just comes down to the overall user experience at stake. When you're conflicted about a prompt that should've been a simple "Save changes?", there's something wrong.

MACgh 38 points 41 months ago
from completed build Gigan (first build)

It's alright. Literally only use 1 of the 239482394 buttons on it. Also too big for my hand. Get's uncomfortable for me though.

Glistening 14 points 41 months ago
from completed build Monokuma :]

This mouse is like a cheaper version of the Naga. The software is also really good too. The only gripe I have with the mouse is the DPI is shown with a color changing LED. If I wanted to match my other components, I would have to play at 16400 DPI, not exactly something I want to play at. Other than that, its a good mouse.

Dizzlepop12 10 points 39 months ago
from completed build Evolution V2 - The AMD Beast

Wait... this is a 40 dollar mouse? It feels like it's worth a hundred! RGB lighting, weight control, up to 16,400 DPI (if you even need that), 18 programmable buttons, DPI control, it's got everything you need really. Only con is the fact that you can't change the scroll wheel LED. It's completely dependent on what DPI setting it's on. Not a huge con, definitely not enough to knock off a star for. A great upgrade from my old Logitech g300s for 10 bucks more.

isaac.w.clough 12 points 38 months ago
from completed build First PC Update

Great mouse for the price, no complaints whatsoever. I don't really use the "power button" on the right side of the mouse, I think it just double clicks or something? I don't know but I don't use it.

M0R3LL4M4X 14 points 33 months ago
from completed build Mozzarella's Cheapo Game Box

Overall, not awful. The side-buttons are kinda mushy, and there are way too many of them if you're not looking to exclusively play MMO's. Software is pretty clunky, and only supports 5 different profiles. Precice slider and color adjustments are very difficult, and it includes a vague "sensitivity" slider that is different from your OS's and the DPI setting.

Dizzlepop12 24 points 33 months ago

30 dollars, tons of programmable buttons, weight control, up to 16,400 DPI, RGB lighting, and so much more packed into this product. Sensor isn't the best, especially for FPS gaming. However, I still don't have any trouble playing BF4 and getting lots of accurate kills with it.

RiodaTeroquin 11 points 33 months ago
from completed build Kelpie, First gaming pc build


TrueBlueXX 4 points 32 months ago

Very customizable mouse for a great price. Fits great in my hand and looks nice to boot.