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CPU Cooler

Cooler Master - MasterLiquid ML240L RGB 66.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler

( 4.2 Average / 44 Ratings )



Cooler Master


MasterLiquid ML240L RGB

Part #


Supported Sockets


Liquid Cooled


Radiator Size


Noise Level

6 dB - 30 dB


650 - 2000 RPM

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PB Technologies $113.85 $113.85+
Paradigm PCs $125.00 +FREE s/h In stock $125.00
Mighty Ape $169.00 In stock $169.00+

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theyolodragon 11 points 14 months ago
from completed build Dragon Slayer (my first build)

I wish it was easier to work with the rgb, in my build i was forced to use the controller inside rather than through software. but it keeps my system nice and cool

Algis 4 points 13 months ago
from completed build Going back to Desktop

Good price, silent, RGB with separate controller (or it can be connected to the motherboard if it has RGB connection), works perfectly with 5GHz overclocked i5-8600k. Not sure for how long it will last but at the moment it works perfectly and I recommend it.

wiwells 4 points 12 months ago
from completed build 8TH gen gaming rig

Does the trick for the money, pump is not the quietest and makes a weird gurgling sound when kicking in. Easy install and looks nice but only knocked temps down 10*c from a hyper 212 evo.

PhukenGruven 5 points 12 months ago
from completed build The Rhombus

Not the easiest install, but once I got it mounted this thing keeps my CPU at very reasonable temperatures (under 50C) most of the time.

shozen13 16 points 12 months ago
from completed build Toxic Upgrade (2018)

Love the efficiency of this cooler!!

tragiktimes101 28 points 12 months ago
from completed build My Main Rig

For the price, this AIO cannot be beaten. Regularly goes for 69.99, but often drops to 49.99-59.99. It keeps my OC'd 7700K running @ 4.8GHz below 77C, which I think is pretty good considering it's not delidded. On top of the performance the aesthetics is quite nice and it was easy to mount. I don't know what else I could say good about this AIO. If you are on the fence about it come on over to my side. ;)

craigdt 29 points 11 months ago
from completed build Smashed i7-8700k build

Great value for a 240mm AIO cooler. Easy to install. Fans seem very loud, so I swapped for BeQuiet SilentWings 3 fans. Looks sharp and RGB works with Asus Aura Sync.

Razorbomb2 10 points 11 months ago
from completed build Mates First Custom PC

Another item in this build that I was shocked with how cheap it was. Compared to Corsair and NZXT coolers for example, this thing is dirt cheap while retaining RGB lighting and easily adjustable tubes. I am still testing the cooling on the 1600x and will update this soon.

Jumpest 9 points 11 months ago
from completed build First Ever Gaming Build

Fans are a little loud and I wish I could have the fans facing the opposite direction inside of the case without looking backwards/strange, but that's just because I've laid out my case differently. Gets the job done with RGB for a low price and I can appreciate that.

ZMGPC 1 point 11 months ago
from completed build The most tedious build ever

This was hell to install on AMD. It took me a week to find out how to install this. The manual just says "Put the waterblock on the latches" but you have to do them at the exact same time.