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CPU Cooler

Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT 73.6 CFM CPU Cooler

(6 Ratings, 4.7 Average)


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Part #

Le Grand Macho RT




300 - 1300 RPM

Noise Level

14 - 20 dB


159 mm

CPU Socket

  • AM2
  • AM2+
  • AM3
  • AM3+
  • FM1
  • FM2
  • FM2+
  • AM4
  • LGA775
  • LGA1150
  • LGA1151
  • LGA1155
  • LGA1156
  • LGA1200
  • LGA1366
  • LGA2011
  • LGA2011-3
  • LGA2066

Water Cooled




Price History


    • 15 points
    • 22 months ago

    from completed build Siouxper White

    I nearly literally couldn't have had a worse time with setting up this cooler. Yikes. There wasn't much good info online on how to mount it, certainly didn't help. But by far my biggest issue was just the incredibly awkward shape of the cooler. While there is a solid 0.5 inches of clearance from the CPU cooler on my MoBo to the RAM, there is a solid -0.25 inches of clearance from the back end of the cooler and the rear-mounted Corsair LL120 fan I had mounted there. I initially tried to install the CPU Cooler and thought the MoBo wasn't being installed properly, but it was. The CPU Cooler simply sits so far toward the back it was running into the exhaust fan. I turned the CPU cooler around in a pull config, but this covered up the coveted RGB RAM slots and forced a Pull/Pull config rather than a Push/Pull config with the CPU fan and the rear exhaust fan. I attempted again to mount the CPU Cooler appropriately, but it simply could not under any circumstance mount in its normal orientation with the rear exhaust fan in its original place. I ended up mounting the rear exhaust fan externally, and then finally installing the MoBo with CPU/CPU Cooler/RAM in place after much frustration. Much like this is by far the largest paragraph in this build description, this was by far the largest portion of the build itself in time, frustration, and effort. Quite truly spent hours making it work.

    But boy, does it work. It performs incredibly. How could a single 140 mm fan outperform a Noctua NH-D15? Who knows, magic? Keeps my i7-8700k at an incredible 5.0 GHz@1.300V on all cores under 80 C at load. You cannot really ask for any more than that out of an air cooler. I ran Cinebench at higher OCs and the performance increment just wasn't worth it anyways.

    To add to all this, the mounting brackets to get to this CPU Cooler's powerful, silent, pretty 140 mm fan are quite possibly the Devil himself. I get that making sure the CPU Cooler fan is mounted securely is important, but I'm pretty certain that it's well beyond any reasonable, necessary threshold. On my last mounting of the CPU Cooler fans, I ended up bending the mounting brackets with a needle nose pliers to a far more reasonable restriction, and still more secure than I could ever need.

    My CPU Cooler also came with 4 bent heatsink fins, as seen in the photo within my build post.

    • 13 points
    • 26 months ago

    from completed build My baby

    I am especially writing this review for this particular product. All the other parts in my build (except chromax fans of noctua) are reviewed one way or another but this cpu cooler is not. I cannot understand it because it is credited by many people on the internet but you can't see many builds with it. I bought this after people recommended it against noctua d15s - I wanted a black&white, quiet and beefy air-cpu cooler that can fit into my case. However I was not sure if d15s would fit and I had to make extra purchases so its price would go higher up. I also didn't want a liquid cooler because I don't want noise (one of the reasons I wanted to change my stock cooler) and I dont like taking risks with liquid leak. So I made my choice in favor of Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT to replace my stock cooler. Don't get me wrong, stock cooler of AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is a great product for the price you pay but I wanted something "better".

    • Package & contents

    Even though I knew I should've expected a big product in a big box I was still suprised. The heatsink is massive. It has black coating on the outer surface and has sharf fins. That is also why they included a pair of gloves! It has an asymmetrical design and you need the magnetized screwdriver which is also included with the product. Also you will find a black&white (outer black wings white) fan, a thermal compound and required materials for both intel and AMD chips to install your cooler.

    • Installation

    Because I purchased this product to replace my stock cooler, I didn't remove all my setup and instead installed it while my motherboard was still in the case. I was afraid it would be difficult and I cannot say how wrong I was. This was so easy to install and it was my first cooler installation (my friend installed the stock cooler for me). Screwed the pillars according to installation guide, removed the left-over thermal compound with alcohol, let it dry, put on the new thermal compound. Do not forget to remove the sticker which is placed on the surface that will face the cpu. Then screw the heatsink into its place. After that put on antivibration pads on the surface which the fan will place and install the fan. That's it! Installing the fan might be the hardest part but let me tell you it was easier than the videos I watched on youtube beforehand. My NZXT s340 elite white case specifies it supports cpu clearance of 161 mm and Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT is 159 mm wide. I had no issue of clearance but it was a close fit.

    • Performance

    I used prime95 to test temperatures of my setup. The temperature of my room is not stabil so this was not a professional test but you will get the idea. Ambient temperature was 17-20 C. Before I forget let me tell you the Wraith cooler of AMD Ryzen 1600 is great for the price you pay. If you want a cost-efficient cooler stick with it. However it was running on higher RPMs even on idle, thus making more noise.

    I used HWmonitor to check my temperatures.

    Stock cooler: It was around 34 C on idle and 74 C with prime95 stress test. All with stock frequencies.

    Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT: It was 30 C on idle and 56 C with prime95 stress test. All with stock frequencies. It was not just cooler but more quiet! The cooler's RPM didn't pass over 450 RPM even with stress test and was very quiet.

    So when you get these kind of results what would you do? Yes of course I overclocked. I got my CPU frequency directly do 3.9 GHz and ran the same test. This time it was 32-34 C on idle (31 as I am writing this for example) and peaked at 70 C at some point but dropped to 65 C at the end of testing after 20 min. And max RPM was 933 which is %75 of max RPM for this product. (Max RPM: 1300)

    • Conclusion

    You can read reviews on products from professionals on many websites but I think this kind of user reviews are also important for end-user. I am very satisfied this product. I cannot understand why would anyone go for liquid CPU coolers when you have this kind of choices. Some might say aesthetics but I find this kind of tower coolers more beautiful. It is up to your preference but I am recommending this for anyone looking for an after-market cooler.

    • 10 points
    • 25 months ago

    from completed build Streacom BC1 i5 4690K

    Absolutely a monster, i even tried comparing this with my NZXT KRAKEN x62 on my i7 8700K with 5.1 ghz, temps are even lower by 2-3 degrees in idle and full

    • 7 points
    • 23 months ago

    from completed build 2018 pc build

    Definitely an amazing CPU cooler. It was a fun experience to assemble and install onto the CPU and motherboard. I had previously been considering the Dark Rock Pro 4 or Noctua D-15, since my case can't fit a 240mm liquid CPU cooler. However, after some investigation, my case also did not have the height clearance for those two coolers. Then I saw a few suggestions to look into the Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT. This one definitely caught my eye.

    Although it barely clears the case, it stands out in terms of quietness and cooling capacity. For anyone looking to pick up the Le Grand Macho RT, please remember to check dimensions to insure that this item will fit in your build. I had purchased a fan duct from Thermalright, reading about how it could lower CPU temps by 5-10 degrees celsius, but unfortunately my case was too small and the duct could not fit in between the CPU cooler and the rear exhaust fan. Also, since I first installed the CPU cooler on the motherboard outside of the case, I had to do some cable management and rearrange the rear top exhaust fan to outside of the case to allow for the installation of the motherboard with the CPU cooler. Right now my CPU is idling at 27-28 degrees celsius with the CPU cooler fan barely spinning.

    Assembly of CPU cooler and installation of motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM, wires/cables, and GPU took about 3 hours (with breaks). I am very satisfied with the results.

    • 7 points
    • 16 months ago

    from completed build Final Custom Build 2019!

    Very satisfied with this cooler! Got it for like $40 at a local shop. Was initially going with DeepCool Captain 120EX RGB but ended up getting this. Keeps the CPU well under 60 degrees while playing any game and 70 during benchmarks.

    • 7 points
    • 9 months ago

    from completed build Meshify C Build/Transplant

    HUGE but runs cool and quiet. The mounting hardware could be a bit better.

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