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Build Guide

Entry Level AMD Gaming Build

by ThoughtA



GPU prices are finally coming down! We have reverted our guides back to a normal CPU + discrete GPU combo.


Our CPU of choice is the Ryzen 3 1300X. This CPU is inexpensive but still packs a punch with its 4 cores and 3.7 GHz turbo frequency. The Ryzen 3 1300X includes a good stock cooler, so a 3rd-party cooler isn't necessary.


We're using a parametric filter to constantly select the best-priced motherboard while meeting selected criteria. In this case, we are filtering for mATX B350 chipsets, which will allow us to overclock the CPU without breaking the bank. The compatibility engine will filter out anything not compatible with the build.


For this build and most machines outside of the top end enthusiast realm we opted to go with 8GB of DDR4 memory. The parametric filter finds the best price on 8GB kits of memory that are within AMD’s recommended specifications. We've limited it to DDR4-2800 to DDR4-3200 as Ryzen CPUs scale well with higher frequency memory.


We're using a parametric filter to select the best-priced 2TB mechanical drive. Unfortunately, with the rising cost of NAND, in addition to the rising cost of video cards due to the current mining craze, we've had to cut out the SSD in order to keep this build more budget-friendly. Everyone's needs are different, so feel free to increase capacities or add an SSD to fit yours.


We have set a parametric filter for the best-priced GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, which will let you play any popular game available today, including Fortnite and PUBG.


All of the components are housed in the Thermaltake Versa H22 mid tower. This case is straightforward, offering cable management holes, front panel USB 3.0, and an external 5.25" bay for components such as an optical disc drive.


For the PSU, we're using a parametric selection of a few well-reviewed semi-modular and modular units, which are all rated for good power efficiency and can provide plenty of power for this build.

Intel Version

Here is the Intel version of our Entry Level Gaming Guide.

Part List Customize This Part List

Compatibility Check: No issues/incompatibilities found.

Estimated Wattage: 227W
Component Selection Base Promo Shipping Tax Price Where
CPU $202.00 $202.00 Mighty Ape Buy
From parametric filter
  • Socket / CPU: AM4
  • Chipset: AMD B350
  • RAM Slots: 4 - 16
$129.00 $129.00 Mighty Ape Buy
From parametric filter
  • Speed: DDR4-2800, DDR4-2933, DDR4-3000, DDR4-3200
  • Type: 288-pin DIMM
  • Size: 8GB (2x4GB)
$171.00 FREE $171.00 Paradigm PCs Buy
From parametric filter
  • Capacity: 2TB - 10TB
  • Type: 7200RPM
  • Form Factor: 3.5"
$105.00 $105.00 1stWave Technologies Buy
Video Card
From parametric filter
  • Chipset: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
$300.00 FREE $300.00 Paradigm PCs Buy
Power Supply
No Matches Available
Total: $907.00
* Using your selected merchants and only including nearby in-store pickup prices)
* Some physical dimension restrictions cannot (yet) be automatically checked, such as cpu cooler / RAM clearance with modules using tall heat spreaders.

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Drekloe 1 Build 5 points 1 month ago

basically what i use. would definitely recommend.

wnelson01 2 points 1 month ago

What is the rationale behind using the Ryzen 3 1300X over the Ryzen 3 2200g? I thought the 2200g was the new defacto entry level AMD processor; It's cheaper than the 1300X and the specifications are the same.

Cyberstorm 3 points 1 month ago

I just looked into this and there absolutely no reason to use the 1300x over the 2200g as far as I can tell

The creator probably didn’t get around to updating the list yet

Triniking 3 points 1 month ago

The entry-level builds rely on GTX 1050Ti which outperforms the Vega 8 graphics of the Ryzen 2200G. In the end the 1300X is still recommended since it's the same price point as the 2200G and it helps beginners avoid the Bios problem with B350 mobos which is still going around somehow.

Cyberstorm 1 point 1 month ago

There should be a new motherboard chipset that and is realizing soon or have already released to ensure compatibility and this helps avoid the problem of expensive GPUs by allowing the person to purchase it later

In the end it depends on who’s using the pc

[comment deleted]
Bbauldoff 2 points 23 days ago

(I'm super new to building pc's) if I got the Ryzen 2200G it would still be compatible with everything else? Or should I just stick with the 1300X?

Yuva_Boss 1 point 1 month ago

same here, but could you add the price of windows included?

Lobsterareawesome 7 Builds 2 points 1 month ago

just add +100 USD

Yuva_Boss 1 point 1 month ago

oh ok

[comment deleted by staff]
manirelli staff 8 Builds 1 point 29 days ago

Sale of software and keys from that site often violates the ToS or are resold licenses purchased via fraudulent credit card. Recommending, suggesting, advising, encouraging, hinting, or in any way implying these keys as a solution or option is not allowed on this site.

[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
philip staff 10 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

Use of Windows must be done with a legitimate product key.

Per Microsoft:

You are authorized to use this software only if you are properly licensed and the software has been properly activated with a genuine product key or by other authorized method.

For more information please see: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/UseTerms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm

Cyberstorm 3 points 1 month ago

my bad, i thought you were allowed to use windows unactivated seeing as you download it from the microsoft website and can activate it with a product key at any time to unlock the restricted features

Yuva_Boss -1 points 1 month ago

ok... thanks?

philip staff 10 Builds 2 points 1 month ago

It was in response to someone else.

Yuva_Boss 1 point 1 month ago

oh... I'm sorry

XGgamer101 1 point 1 month ago

Can this run fortnite and gta 5 well?

Triniking 2 points 1 month ago

Yes it can. There are also benchmark videos on YT.

Yuva_Boss -3 points 1 month ago

at 1080p low or 720 p high, it can run those two games very well. you might able to put fortnite at 1080p medium for about 45 - 55 frames per second

Lobsterareawesome 7 Builds 4 points 1 month ago

no.. this will run both of those game on 1080p high settings at minimum 60 fps

Yuva_Boss 1 point 1 month ago

Um... maybe for fortnite but definitely not for GTA 5. Even though it's an old game it would defenitly not run at 60 fps on 1080p high with a 1050ti. Maybe I'm wrong(Mostly).

Lobsterareawesome 7 Builds 3 points 1 month ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXgclbezZvc High/ Very high anywhere from 50-60 fps... The 1050 Ti is more powerful than you think

Yuva_Boss 3 points 1 month ago

oh well then

MoneyLand_Br33zy 1 point 1 month ago

If I am a beginning PC gamer starting to get real competitive(in terms of gaming), is this the PC I should get?

  • I would use for Fortnite, COD, PUBG, 2k, etc

Would it run these games for more than 100 FPS? If not at least over 60?

Thank you for your help

MontesVerdes 2 points 1 month ago

It depends on the settings and the resolution you will play. At 720 you will run the games high settings easily, at 1080, in medium settings you can get around the 60's

Cyberstorm 1 point 1 month ago

I reccomend that everyone changes the cpu to a Ryzen 2200g and hold off on buying the GPU since it sits at 200 USD and is by far the most expensive thing on this list

raypidash 1 Build 2 points 1 month ago

Is there any motherboard other than B350 that you can recommend to pair with Ryzen 3 2200g to avoid bios problems?

SavageVector 1 Build 2 points 1 month ago

I'm pretty sure the x470 chipset motherboards can always handle the new APUs out of box, but the cheapest ones are $130; that's nearly double the price for the convenience of not updating the bios. Up to you if it's worth it or not.


raypidash 1 Build 2 points 1 month ago

So i went to canada computers store today and was lucky to have them update the bios for me if i bought the Gigabyte A320M motherboard (CAD$75.00) and Ryzen 3 2200G (CAD$129.99) from their location, plus tax.

SavageVector 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

Not a bad price at all. Glad you found a way to get a ryzen APU working without the overpriced newer boards.

alecgatorroar 1 point 1 month ago

Will this same build perform well and be compatible and not bottleneck if I use a Radeon RX 580? Sorry first time builder here!

SavageVector 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

RX 580 will really be taxing on a 1300x. It can probably handle it; but I'd recommend upgrading to the ryzen 5 2600, or if you're okay with jumping over to an Intel core, the i3-8350k is a really good choice at the moment.

HekiChan 1 point 1 month ago

What setting can this run Overwatch and WoW on?

Gamingnecessity 1 point 25 days ago

Medium - high for overwatch

highest settings in WoW

cjose1130 1 point 19 days ago

I'm looking to get a PC for WoW and League of Legends, will it run it awesomely for current and upcoming raids too?

Aventer 1 point 16 days ago

Would be fine

Gamingnecessity 1 point 12 days ago


raypidash 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

If I replaced the Ryzen 3 1300X with Ryzen 3 2200G in this build but without a GPU, can I get 60fps in DOTA2 medium settings in 1080p?

Cyberstorm 1 point 1 month ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper PSU?

Gamingnecessity 1 point 25 days ago

Going cheaper doesn't mean better, you pay for warranty and peace of mind that it is made with care and wont blow up your pc.

slybluedemon 1 point 28 days ago

Can this PC play Arma 3 and Civilization 6 at a good setting?

brianeechua 1 point 28 days ago

Can i use GA ab350m gaming 3 MOBO for this? will have any problems?

alexsack 1 point 26 days ago

Question: for the mother board, everyone is saying there is a lot of hangup on it and games would be "bombing" out.

Does anyone have an alternate recommendation for a mother board that's a bit more reliable even if it's pricier?

(new builder btw)

rumham34 1 point 26 days ago

Console player here but looking to build a pc. Would this build be good for Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite and at what FPS?

Gamingnecessity 1 point 25 days ago

This would be a little slower on the boot and start up of games, i made an almost identical pc that is cheaper that will be quicker, https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Gamingnecessity/saved/pw9bjX

This will get higher fps in fortnite and rainbow :)

rumham34 1 point 25 days ago

Thanks for your input, I'll take a look at it!

Gamingnecessity 1 point 25 days ago

This is not worth the money, i have made a faster system which is also cheaper, coming with an ssd my part list pc will start up much faster compared to this pc with a slow hdd. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Gamingnecessity/saved/pw9bjX

Triniking 1 point 19 days ago

All you did was add an SSD.

Gamingnecessity 1 point 12 days ago

The SSD will decrease boot times extremely and fps in games that you choose to install on the ssd

Triniking 1 point 9 days ago

Adding an SSD but downgrading to a slower CPU, slower RAM and a mobo with 2 DIMM slots isn't worth it.

1stGuyGamez 1 point 19 days ago

Nice, but an RX 560 would be better for the buck than the 1050 ti

blacktron16 1 point 18 days ago

If I wanted to add a SSD to this build for gaming purposes, what would people recommend? New to the PC building scene, so help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (The games I would be playing are Shadow of War, Fortnite, etc.)

Triniking 1 point 9 days ago
afrothundrr805 1 point 17 days ago

I plan on using this build guide as a starting point to building my first PC, I'll use it mainly for gaming and some streaming here and there. I am completely new to all of this....is this where I should be starting at? I would be playing games like Fortnite, The Division, and plenty of older generation games. I'm not adamant about having the highest settings at all times but I would like better quality than my console at least, if anyone could help steer me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

ProOfIndia 1 point 14 days ago

Did the price just go up i looked at this like 2 days ago and i think it was around $500

Bbauldoff 1 point 13 days ago

yep 3 days ago my build (which has these things in it) that I was about to buy went from $710 to $774 and now gotta wait for them to go down :/

[comment deleted]
Mac-N-Chez 1 point 14 days ago

Are there any wires that I need to buy separately? Like the Power cord and others And if I do have to buy separate cords where can I get them?

Mac-N-Chez 1 point 8 days ago

Do I need to buy any separate wires?

chrisaaron 1 point 5 days ago

When I install the ASUS GeForce GTX 1050i on the Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H motherboard, it blocks the PCI slot I need for the wireless adapter. Also, the video card's fan points down inside the case, which doesn't seem right.

Should this be happening?

unjuhst 1 point 5 days ago

Im just getting into pc building is this build worth it at its price point

Sindalis 1 point 3 days ago

Recently the prices for the 1300X have been going up significantly as there is anticipation of the 2300X coming soon.

I would recommend anyone at this point in time looking for an entry level CPU to perhaps look at the 2200g as an alternative to get started rather than pay an inflated price for a 1300X

CompletelyClueless 1 point 2 days ago

Help please... If I wanted to add an SSD to this build is there any changes I would need to make to do so? and which SSD would you recommend, or if I should even bother at all?

[comment deleted]
Triniking 2 points 1 month ago

With $650 you can add an SSD to the build.

MontesVerdes 1 point 1 month ago

The best option I think u have, is to buy another two modules of ram. Make it a 16 GB system.

SavageVector 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

Definitely get a 120+gb SSD for your OS. Maybe a larger one for a few games you play often.

Ram's ridiculously priced at the moment, so you really don't want to be buying more than you need. Similar story for the GPU; 1050ti's at a good place right now, I wouldn't recommend upgrading it unless you really want the performance.

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
Note: Wattages are estimates only. Actual power draw may differ from listed values.
Component Estimated Wattage
AMD - Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor 8W - 65W
Asus - PRIME B350M-A Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard 15W - 60W
ADATA - XPG GAMMIX D10 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-3000 Memory 7W - 7W
Seagate - Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive 4W - 20W
Inno3D - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Twin X2 Video Card 18W - 75W
Total: 52W - 227W