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does visual studio,vmware needs more threads on cpu?

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xPete 8 days ago

I have this friend who makes codes and stuff. not sure if hes a developer but yea he uses visual studio and vmware he says.

He ask me for help to build a gaming/coding pc for a budget of 50k php which is 1000USD excluding peripheral and monitor so just the rig.

In my mind was like, you use a computer to make living but you dont have enough knowledge at pc parts? (Im just judging my friend here.)

So I did told him the basics he needs to know like amd cpu should go into amd mobo bla bla.

Then we almost had the planning finish but then I realize that he can go cheaper on the cpu coz the plan is r5 2600x while there is a r3 1300x that is like half the price but still can give him the performance he needs in terms of gaming. So I ask him does he needs more threads? he cant answer that. and I cant answer either.

So question is does visual studio and vmware needs more threads on cpu?

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heyanil673 2 points 7 days ago

It depends on your workloads but yes it needs because you are using a heavy software which is Visual Studio and VMware so it needs some more threads otherwise your system will be able to work smooth or you may face frame drops and your multitasking will be that much good.

Rin_Itoh 1 point 7 days ago

I have done work with both of those from my laptop, which is 2c/4t and 8 GB of RAM. If you are doing light work with both of those then you really don't need much. If you are doing heavier work then you will want to look for a beefier rig. How large are the programs your friend is creating in VS and how many VM's will be running at the same time in a worst case scenario? Will these tasks be running together? How much other multitasking is going to be taking place?