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9700k + GTX 1070?

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Storm55 17 days ago

Will the GPU bottleneck? I plan to upgrade my GPU in around 2 years from now. Also, does the 9th gen Intel have the same problem as the 8th gen? about the IHS and the thermals. and what AIO do you recommend for 9700k?

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Allan_M_Systems 3 points 17 days ago

Will the GPU bottleneck?

Hopefully, yes.

You have to bottleneck somewhere, either CPU, GPU, or monitor refresh rate. Of these options, monitor refresh and GPU bottlenecks are preferred.

RTX 2060 is probably the better buy at this point though, unless you're getting a 1070 for really cheap.

9700K has less thermal problem than 8700K as it has less thermal density and a better thermal path, but ultimately, the "killer" on these chips seems to be when people run them with the TDP limit completely removed. In that case, they maintain high clocks all the time at the expense of very high power dissipation which can be difficult to extract from such a small CPU.

I personally don't like AIOs, would suggest a nice big liquid heatpipe cooler instead. They are often very close in performance and have less things that can go wrong.

Storm55 submitter 1 point 17 days ago


I was wondering because I already have a GTX 1070 from EVGA. The monitor I have is an Asus 144hz 1080p. I was thinking of selling my 1070 for 2070 at a later date.

Also, I wanted to go with AIOs like the Kraken x62 so it'll match with my Gskillz Trident RGB ram sticks. I don't know a lot about liquid cooling, and kinda intimidates me when I see videos about it. lol.

Allan_M_Systems 3 points 16 days ago

The 1070 will work fine.

The CPU/Monitor will be the hard limits on performance. GPU bound performance is inversely adjustable with visual quality, so you can no doubt hit your 144hz monitor refresh rate in most games with the 9700K, all you have to do is adjust the visual quality to allow the GPU to get there.

As far as AIO's are concerned, the X62 has a pretty hefty list of unhappy customers reporting back on newegg / amazon.

Honestly, none of the AIO's seem to make it unscathed through the end user review environment. The answer seems to be that some pumps are noisy and some units leak. A risk I would not take.

Storm55 submitter 1 point 16 days ago

Do you think Corsair is a good brand for AIOs?

Allan_M_Systems 4 points 16 days ago

I don't think there's such a thing as a "good AIO" so to my eye, brand doesn't matter. It's a product category to avoid if you value reliability.

Go to newegg and look at reviews for any AIO. 15-25% of respondents rate these things 1 egg. The 1 egg reviews are many and read like... "Leaked after 3 months." "Died after 6 months." "Pump squealing." "Louder than expected." "no better cooling than my $30 tower."......

If you want to complement your RAM with a reliable cooling option that still leverages liquid to move heat around, consider a "thin" liquid heatpipe tower like the Thermalright - TRUE Spirit 140 POWER, or Noctua - NH-U14S. Install a good quality PWM RGB fan on it.

Storm55 submitter 1 point 16 days ago

Alright, thank you.