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Encoding PC - which CPU

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WilliamTi 20 days ago

I have an i7 3770k system which is now 7 years old and starting to show it's age. It's becoming a little flakey and too slow to encode UHD files with x265. I am considering a 9700k or a 9900k. I don't mind the extra cost providing the encoding speed benefit is decent. I believe my 3770k has lasted this long because I spent good money at the time and bought good components to go with the top of the range i7.

During my research I have not found any relevant information comparing the 3770k to the 9700k/9900k. I assume this is because the age gap is so large! Most reviews seem to be talking gaming performance which is not what I need to know.

I have a couple of questions about the latest Intel CPUs:

  1. I'm hoping that either if the new CPUs would at least double my encoding speed. Does that sound realistic?
  2. I've read that too many threads can degrade image quality. Is 16 threads on the 9900k too many?
  3. I really want to know about any real world comparisons between the 9700k and the 9900k with regard to x264 and x265 encoding. Is the difference noticeable?

Thanks in advance for any advice - I really need it!

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Kgluong 1 point 18 days ago

It will outperform your expectations.