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Streaming PC for My DJ Boss

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Thinshaw18 1 month ago

My boss is currently using an old macbook with a dual core i5 to stream on and the quality is understandably lacking. His setup is his PC with two capture cards hooked up to cameras (since he's using a laptop). I'm looking for good cheap desktop options and was wondering what y'all thought the cheapest or oldest CPU I could get him would be. I've seen a few i5-3470s and fx 6300s out there and have pondered sending him the links for those, but didn't know if they would even be worth it. I would imagine the 3470 would be enough and the entire desktop is only $80. Just let me know what y'all think!

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Rin_Itoh 1 point 1 month ago

Don't bother with anything AMD that is pre-Ryzen. They offer multiple "cores" but they don't have the power to match (there is a whole lawsuit about AMD and multi-core CPUs). What is he streaming? What platform is he using? Does he have a dedicated PC that renders the video or is it all going through the laptop? If you can provide some more information then we can help better. Does he have a budget? Is he open to building a desktop or does he want another laptop?

Thinshaw18 submitter 1 point 1 month ago

He is just streaming himself whenever he DJs. He has two cameras - one on him and one on his setup - and an audio mixer that are all just plugged into USB ports on his laptop. He is streaming through OBS currently, since that's all I personally know how to use and I'm helping him set it all up. He doesn't have a budget other than "I want to spend as little money as possible" lol. From what I can tell an old i7 or even quad core i5 might be sufficient and there are some really good deals on craigslist. He isn't trying to build a PC and to be honest I think he should avoid the laptop route all together since it is typically more expensive for no modularity.

As far as the FX series goes, I am well aware that they say 6 or 8 cores but that's not really what they are. My buddy has an fx6300 and touted it as a hexacore processor but it's really just a 3 core 6 thread processor. With that being said the FX 8350 is super cheap and is "8 core (lol)". I feel like for his usage it would be better than a non-hyperthreaded duo core that he is currently running. To be honest I feel like an fx6300 would be enough too since the only program he is running is the audio mixer. I've thought about finding him a cheap $150 system then just buying like a used 1060 or something for him to use as his streaming card. Idk what do you think

Rin_Itoh 1 point 1 month ago


Something like this would be a solid choice. The 3570 that you mentioned in your original post might be good as well depending on the other specs. Depending on the encoding method that will be used he might need a beefy GPU, but he might not. It is a SFF though so the GPU choices would be limited. You will most likely want 4c/4t at a minimum with 4c/8t being much better. An RX 580 should perform similarly to the GTX 1060, so it will be up to what you can find each for. The cheaper option would be the better option in this case.

8 GB would be a minimum with 16 GB being better.

A 120 GB SSD min and 240+ being better.

For mass storage a 1 TB HDD min should be fine.

If you can find a prebuilt that matches those specs fairly close you can probably snag that.

Thinshaw18 submitter 1 point 1 month ago

That's actually the exact model of the one I was looking at lol. I was concerned because my 8700K is not good for streaming when I game - I am better off using my 1080 ti - but obviously he won't be streaming whilst gaming so this is really good information! Thanks!

Rin_Itoh 1 point 1 month ago

It will depend on what you use for encoding. h.264 uses more CPU while NVENC uses GPU. If he is not needing the GPU for gaming then you might be able to toss a mid range GPU in otherwise he should be fine to use the CPU for encoding.

Unless this is a separate PC that is only for encoding then you can just use h.264 and not bother with a GPU.