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Blog Post "More Than Building Computers"


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Comments (Continued)

djdirka 1 point 56 months ago

is that because that isnt you on the front page ;)

zlogs 1 Build -2 points 56 months ago

Absolutely not, I just believe with the revenue Philip is probably getting from vendors that are paying him to list parts.. He could afford to at least put new content on the front page every once in a while. If I did not like the work Philip and his staff member(s) were doing, I would not still be here. The new micro atx build he posted is fantastic and definitely is an eye catcher, but i'm sure me and other Pcpartpicker members wouldnt want to see it on the front page for months at a time.

djdirka 1 point 56 months ago

Oh I see. I am on mobile a lot so I don't see it that much