I wanted a single PC setup that (most people recommend two) provided all of the power, performance and functionality required to do high-quality Twitch streaming (1080p/60fps, high bitrates, maximum quality, handling several scenes/effects, etc.) while simultaneously playing the demanding games I might ever want to play on-stream (ARK, GTA V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, etc.) that still provided both myself and my viewers a top-end excellent experience; allowing me to play these demanding games at the quality I enjoy on my end (1440p/120-144fps with all settings generally maxed-out) and allowing my viewers to experience them as if they're right in the middle of it with me, encoding the footage with crystal clear detail and buttery smooth motion with no pixelation, artifacts or hiccups.

I wanted to build a machine that would last with a finely tuned overclock, not be out-dated in 12 months while still being low-maintenance as far as not having to deal with the consistent reports of overheating or necessary de-lidding that circulate around those using and overclocking X-series Intel chip sets.

After months of research and comparison, my answer to these needs has culminated in this.

She has continued to play with the best, do photo/video editing like a champ and stream like a beast for nearly a year now and going strong. Worth every penny and every ounce of work building. I love this machine.


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Hey nice build. Why dont you want to delid? The performance gains are well worth it considering the small effort to do this. I got min 10c off mine. And why get the formula X and not do a custom loop with the vrm waterblock included? Also 65c at 5GHz under load must be a VERY, VERY rare find, good job.