I sold my first PC to a buddy of mine so of course that means I need a new one!

My goals for this PC were fairly straight forward: I would like to game at 1440p and take advantage of g-sync at 144hz Later on I would like to play around with video editing and simple game design/development

I will go through each part individually with a short review and why I chose that part. Hope you enjoy!

GPU = GTX 1080ti Asus Strix 11GB Knowing where GPU prices are makes things incredibly frustrating for my wallet. I knew for a while I would need at least a GTX 1070. Most of my research pointed me in the direction of a GTX 1080 or even GTX 1080ti. I don't play a lot of FPS or AAA games to demand this level of power but one has to also think about future proofing. I was content on a 1080 and was literally building the order and then I noticed an "open box" Asus Strix 1080ti....I knew this would put a dent in my budget and I knew the risk of "open box". I couldn't pass up the chance and I selected the Strix.

This card came safely packaged and sealed in an anti-static bag It is massive! everyone says that about cards now but I was shocked at its size. I have never seen a 1080ti in person....few words can describe it...Silent, powerful, gorgeous!? I ran the Shadow of War benchmark on max settings to get the GPU warmed up and the highest I saw it go was 64C. I downloaded GPU Tweak 2 for my card to get basic information from it and change the LED to white to better match my build. Im confident this card will slay any game for years at 2K 144hz

CPU = i7-8700k 3.7GHz 6-Core I had an i5 in my last build and my buddy gave me a hard time about not getting the i7. I was going to go with the 8600K but since I already began to deviate from my budget and went with Highest tier of GPU I might as well continue the trend and get the next tier of CPU. I decided this was the route to go because I do plan on getting into video editing and simple game development.

MONITOR = DELLS2716DG 27inch 2560x1440p 144hz I have never used a monitor above 1080P 144hz. This thing is big and beautiful. Games look smooth as water at 2K with G-Sync. I will never go back!!! I see no problems no dead pixels no color bleed no nothing! This monitor paired with a GTX 1080ti is outstanding.

CPU COOLER = CRYORIG H5 I chose an air cooler because that is what I am familiar with. I dont plan on doing any serious overclocking. This cooler is a beast! Slightly tricky getting it all set up and screwed in. I replaced the CRYORIG fan with a 140mm fan to help keep the theme/color of my build. My buddy added a fan splitter and had each fan connected behind the mobo. These fans are dead silent because at idle they dont even kick on! Once a game or application loads they start spinning but you still cant hear it.

MEMORY = 16GB 2X8 Corsair DDR4-3000 I chose this ram because of its low profile/color and its speed. I didn't need anything special, also nearly all ram is expensive now. If I do upgrade to 32gb of Ram I will need to reconfigure my CPU cooler or just change to AIO to avoid any clearance issues. Both sticks booted up no issues.

STORAGE = WD 500GB M.2-2280 I remember going from HD to SSD....It was a massive change in noise and speed. I was pleasantly surprised with my M.2 as my boot/restart times are around 3-4 seconds. Most games and downloaded/intalled/updated in the back ground so I really didn't get to test/run this storage drive to see what it can really do. However it worked out of box no issues and that is a win!

PSU = EVGA G3 750 Gold rated I always wish I had more power. I know it does not require it to run but I like knowing my PSU barely has to work in order to power my system. Worked out of box, no issues cables were strong but also flexible which is great for management. I paired this with Phanteks 24pin and 8x8pin extenders and they really take your rigs look to the next level.

CASE = Phanteks Eclipse P400S This was probably one of the toughest choices for me. I always want a case with a solid history of positive reviews and builds but I also want something that sets it apart from the rest. That is quite difficult to do without taking a risk. Tempered glass is so worth it especially when you invest major coin into the GPU and cable management. My buddy is a master at cable management compared to me. He helped me with the cables behind the mobo. Make sure you check out that picture as it blew me away. This case is a great option for any type of build.

MOBO = Asus Prime Z370-P This component is probably my weakest as far as knowledge for what I need to have vs want. It went with my color scheme and had all the features I was except optical output. I apologize as I do not know how to describe this part in greater detail compared to the others.

SOUND CARD = Creative Labs Z I got this to give me more options with audio. It looks great in the case and the software I downloaded for it offers a ton of features. Always has a bright red LED on which sort of goes against the black/white theme I was aiming for.

CASE FANS = Arctic 140MM Got a 5 pack of these fans from amazon. 3 arrived broken so it took me another week to get them returned and shipped. Now I have 5 of them in my case with a 120mm in the back. These fans are big and silent I love them!

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  • 26 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! And happy belated birthday :)

  • 22 months ago
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Lmao cpu cooler so big you needed to put the gpu in the second slot. Regardless clean build!

  • 21 months ago
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A awesome nice birthday gift for yourself dude :v