i use it for editing , gaming and study .

Part Reviews


Fantastic CPU but the cooler is not good enough


Great MB but the USB 3 connector in bad spot and it was hard to use no wifi


Fantastic but hard to overclock on ryzen system


it's OK for storage but faster one will be great

Video Card

powerful GPU but not the cooling

Power Supply

good POWER SUPPLY but custom cable is Recommended


For the price it's good i was use it for my ps4 over a 2 year now it's work with my PC


OMG this monitor is awesome best size and the 200HZ refresh rate and the VA panel plus the USB hub inside and the stand it really make the cable management easy


one of the best keyboard ever very comfortable to use and i really like the size and the switches


it good but not perfect


best headphones i ever use I'm Excited to use more HI-FI HEADPHONES


good headphones for gaming i do not like the foam


really good but need devices to work with to be really helpful


easy to use and really helpful


¡Apagando las luces!

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  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

HP Deskjet 1050A All-in-One Printer (Print, Scan, Copy)

old but gold

That had my dying.. I really love this machine, the retro aesthetic pretty much on point with this one. I also like how you are staying loyal to one color rather than going full RGB barf.

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

Love to see I’m not the only one the uses the VR Puck as a Headset stand.

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

did u experience any ghosting with the ultrawide monitor

[comment deleted]