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Grey Steel

by quik00


I have been grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy this new little "expensive" hobby of building Gaming Pcs and I had the chance to build a second PC for my nephew. In the process of building this PC I enjoyed the piecing and planning the build. Even the cable management.

First off working with the mini ITX B450 Aorus MB was not as challenging as I thought. It was very easy wiring everything to the motherboard and the steel/aluminum heat sink was what made it very eyecatching to my choice in the build.

Secondly, installing the AIO was very satifisying knowing that my CPU temps are sitting around roughly at 38° to 40°C at idle. During load it seems the temps sit at roughly 70°C the highest. The CPU isnt overclocked and is sitting at its stock speeds.

The case itself was fun to build in. The side panels, where I had installed my AIO's radiator kinda worried me because it was such a tight fit, I was afraid I couldnt install the case fans in the front as long with the fans mounted to the radiator. But over all I loved how the case looks and the texture of the brushed aluminum front panels. The hardest thing building in this mini ITX case was that there was no room at all for all my cables (including my extensions from Ensourced). But sad to say... the back side panel is so bulky that the panel is not sitting flushed to the frame of the case.I wish there were about half an inch longer from the motherboard plate to the backside panels frame. An option I couldve done was buy shorter cables but I wasnt willing to spend more on the shorter cables..

Team vulcan rams sticks looks amazing and I just love how slim and short they are. And it stuck out really well with the grey/steel look.

The Gray NF-P12 redux fans are so quiet inside the system. Ans the Grey just brought out so much complexion along with the cases grey steel colors. Wish they had some white fans for my Previous first white build.

Lastly, cable management was probably the hardest to run and wire throughout this small chasis. The power supply sitting on top of everything kinda scared me due to the weight of the power supply which scared me of the power supply sagging. But there are 2 little plate brackets that hold the PSU up. In the end this has made me enjoy building within mini ITX cases alot more.

2nd build ✔

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eandrews5 2 Builds 3 points 2 days ago

Boy, that PSU does sag quite a bit, eh? I would look int a 3M solution or something, if only for the looks.

quik00 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 2 days ago

Yeah.. That's what I was worried about. I tried to push it up more but there's still about half an inch from the psu to the roof of the chassis

digipimp75 1 Build 2 points 2 days ago

Very clean and sleek looking. Nice work!