I've spent over 3 months of hard research, 5 months of saving, and 1 whole month of buying and waiting for parts to come in. I was looking to build a computer from the ground up since I was young, but I have some experience from Frankenstein-building a factory Dell computer with my dad. I had a budget of $600 and below while still willing to spend more on extra stuff like peripherals. I don't have a girlfriend anymore, my debts were paid, and I work part-time that pays good, so money was much easier to save up than before. Good thing I finished my build before pursuing another girl, otherwise saving money would have been a forever and low-end parts would be the unwanted solution.

The purposes of this build are for:


-Video Production

-Music Production

I'm a broke college student but at the same time a "hardcore game nerd" (not self-proclaimed). I was on console for pretty much all my years of gaming and I thought that I should take a big step into the "PC Master Race." My motive was not based on all the pressure and crap that a lot of PC Gamers have given me:

Bro, console is garbage.

60fps bro, do you not know what that is?

Keyboard and mouse are more accurate. (true)

Stop being such a corporate slave and build your own PC. (Also true)


Instead, what motivated me to build a PC were:

Performance - Since I was into fast-paced FPS games such as Overwatch and CS:GO, the extra frames @60fps+ would be beneficial and would run much more smoother than what the console was throwing out. Also, I was very tired of Frame Drops... drop top (jk). They were sometimes, or more often than not, the deciding factors between a win or a loss.

Mouse/KB >>> Controller - Never in my life have I denied the accuracy of of a mouse and a keyboard, especially when most gaming mouses allow for fine-tuneability like this Roccat Lua. Although I don't have it right now, the Corsair K65 Mechanical Keyboard would be a great addition with those Cherry MX Red Switches. As of right now (4/23/2017) I am using a membrane keyboard from Dell (which came with the computer I Frankenstein-built). It gets the job done, it's comfortable, very responsive, but in games that I play there some ghosting keys present. It's very annoying every time because I am quite the multi-tasker and some crucial commands can be affected (i.e. Throwing a grenade while moving forward). EDIT (5/9/2017) As of right now I've had the Corsair K65 Mechanical Keyboard for almost 2 weeks. Cherry MX switches compared to membrane switches are utterly amazing and it's hard to go back to a different keyboard. There's a lot less fatigue in my fingers and I can game/type for so much longer. Also, the precision of the keyboard and the anti-ghosting feature also very amazing. It's been helping a whole lot during intense game sessions in Overwatch and CS:GO, and also in music production as well. Although... I do miss having a tenkey pad because it's what I was use to and also was like a "Macro Pad" to me.

Upgradeable Parts - The degradation timeline for consoles is horrible. Performance usually begins to sag after 2 years, and with how many games and updates that have been released have been deteriorating performance which heavily impact gameplay. In Overwatch, the game as a whole received many updates and patches over time within this first year of release and as they come, the game's performance on Xbox was dying. For PC, we don't have to go through this. Parts usually last more than 3 years after its initial release, and we have the freedom of making any necessary upgrades according to more demanding games and degradation over time. I can run this GTX 1050ti for a few years while the FX-6350 might have another year or so before having to upgrade.

Part Reviews


I almost regretted buying this, honestly. I was contemplating on why I didn't just go with the FX 6300 ($15 cheaper), while having some money left over to buy a better CPU cooler and overclock it to 6350 spec. Now I don't have any regrets. The CPU performance out of the box was very astonishing.


-6 true cores @3.9Ghz Base, 4.2Ghz Boost

-Stock cooler kept it nice and cool even under load (<55°c)

-One of the best budget CPU's for with great performance-per-dollar.

-Easily overclockable with the software tool AMD provides


-6 core, 6 thread (Non multi-threaded)

-The CPU fan is loud under load.

-CPU fan fitment issues on the Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P MB. It could take a little force to seat it in place.

Overall, a great budget performance CPU for the price and in the future I do plan on water-cooling the CPU with a nice Corsair AIO and overclocking to a good 4.5Ghz or higher.

Video Card

This GPU has to be on th category of "great performance-per-dollar." At first I really wanted the GTX 1060 3Gb (for $60 more), but lowering my standards for budget's sake and going with the 1050ti was a great decision.

For the most part, I play games that are not too GPU-intensive like Overwatch, CS:GO, and League of Legends @ 1080p, max settings, and 60fps minimum.

This is a great GPU especially for budget builders and I stand by it.


This was the best budget case I found, and not to mention that Corsair is my favorite PC accesory manufacturer. Both sides of the case are easily removeable with thumb screws; one side for the inner bay with enough room for one badass build, the other for cable routing and management. The build of the case is of nice quality.

The only issue I had was that the cable management panel was somewhat warped and uneven, but how can I give a bad review when I bought it used off amazon?


This is a really nice budget mouse, but if I had $30 more I would have easily gone with the Corsair Sabre RGB. This mouse isn't the greatest, but is not really that bad at all. The LED lighting effects, the tuneability, and overall feel of the mouse are very nice. No matter how sweaty my hands got or how hard I was gripping it, my hands were comfortable and never had any issues with slipping or fatigue.

The only issue I had with the mouse would be from binding certain commands to the mouse in certain games. The "Push-to-Talk" command is on my MOUSE3 (press down the scroll wheel) and sometimes it would not work. The click would register, but could be a fault in the game rather than the mouse.


Got this as a gift from a cousin of mine. The PX22 is a great, comfortable headset and is built quite nice. So far it has lasted me over a year of long sessions of Console gaming without any breaking or having any audio issues. The mixamp is very nice as it allows you to EQ your sounds according to your preference, adjust audio levels, connect your phone to listen to music or answer a call even during a gaming session, and has a clip which allows it to be mounted on almost anything (I made a mount with rip-ties. Check out my build pictures).

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  • 29 months ago
  • 2 points

I know this is really late but can this pc run newer titles like pubg and bf1?

  • 29 months ago
  • 2 points

I honestly do not know currently for this build because I've done some major upgrades since then. You can literally search for FX6300 + GTX 1050ti benchmarks on Youtube for a variety of games.



  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

this is a cool build .......... your newer one is Way better XD

  • 26 months ago
  • 1 point

did you download drivers for the graphics card form gigabyte cause its says the last divers update was on 2017/09/21

  • 26 months ago
  • 1 point

Yes, always download the latest drivers available. But because it's an Nvidia card, it should be that you download some software from Nvidia like GeForce Experience because it has its own drivers for the chipset. The ones from Gigabyte are mostly for hardware control and maybe some software.

[comment deleted by staff]