Just finished my computer about a week or 2 ago when I installed my ssd (had most of the other parts for awhile but it wasn't completely done). So far I haven't had any issues with anything (except the case which has a side pannel screw that does like to go in) and I love it. But now that I've built my first computer, I want to build another one but better. I'm not just going to scrap everything and restart because I don't want to waste money so I'm going to keep most parts. I have some upgrades in mind but I will slowly get those parts and upgrade when I have them all. I haven't fully decided on the monitor (which I will get first since I can use it without the other new parts) but I will decide when I get it and what ever is one sale. Not sure if there is anything else better I could do with those upgrades I.e. anything cheaper or a lot better for just a little more than what I have. I do plan on getting LEDS for when I get the new case and I've heard mixed reviews on the HUE+ so if there's anything better please feel free to tell me. (Same with any other part). I plan on giving some of my old parts to my little brother who has decided he wants to build a computer now. But I will sell some because I need the money for upgrades.

Part Reviews


Works for me the only problem I have is in a hearts of iron 4 game late game is very slow

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU a lot cooler than it was with the stock and I haven't had any problems


I got it for $50 and at the time of this review it is $200 for some reason but I haven't had any problems. It's a motherboard and it works.


It's fast. A lot faster than a hard drive.

Video Card

Good price good quality


Everything fits. The side panel screw didn't like to go in. The power button can be pressed to easily.

Wireless Network Adapter

A lot better than wired. Doesn't seem to bottleneck anything but I've never tried a super fancy fast one before. Works for my need


Clicky, LEDS, good software, MEDIUM HIGHT!!! What's there not to like about it.


I typed this using a macro I set up on mouse button 3. I typed this using a macro I set up on mouse button 4. I typed this using a macro I set up on mouse button 5. I typed this using a macro I set up on mouse button 6 I typed this using a macro I set up on mouse button 7 Fits my hand, lots of buttons, super ultra mega fast spin on the wheel.


LEDS, retractable mic, LEDS, good sounding, LEDS, good mic. Oh and did I mention RGB LEDS?

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