This is was the final setup in my old Cooler Master HAF-932 case before changing for a Thermaltake Core X5. I've owned the HAF since 2010 and it has seen many parts come and go. A few years back I replaced all of the original case fans with BitFenix Spectre Pro equivalents in order to reduce the noise a bit. Along with some other little trinkets it effectively became the HAF-932 Advanced and is still going strong. Very good at collecting dust too.

Part Reviews


Got as a mild upgrade from an i5-2500K at some point. Happily clocked at 4.1GHz on Turbo. Happily runs VM's and holds out fairly well against newer chips.

CPU Cooler

Fits the 140mm rear fan mount in the case. Nice and quiet (with Bitfenix Spectre Pro PWM fan). Keeps the CPU below 60 degrees under load at the most so can't complain.


Bought second hand to replace an MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) in order to get PCI-e 3.0. Has worked well despite being a bit old hat now.


Fairly run of the mill 16GB kit. Does well enough, nothing fancy. Great for giving a VM 8GB dedicated when I run them.


The second SSD ever to grace the system after upgrading from an old ASAX 128gb. Bought it when the M4 range came along. Works well enough without seeing a need for any of the newer models until it falls over.


Big storage for a reasonable cost (at the time). Not the fastest drive but does the job of long term storage rather well.


Cheap and cheerful 2TB. Can't complain really as it works.


Used for my gaming drive. Can't say I really notice the speed increase and I do tend to run the same game repeatedly so it should cache.

Love using these in laptops/systems where it's the sole drive. Seems more suited to caching an OS install.

Video Card

Great cards. hold up well enough on 2560*1440/1600 gaming when SLi is properly supported.


Owned since 2010 and has seen many parts come and go. Great case and truely difficult to replace. Such a vast tower that it's effortlessly easy to build in neatly. Mustn't forget that it's very heavy too, especially once built. Good job it comes with wheels.

Power Supply

Can't remember when I bought it but it hasn't skipped a beat since that day. Certainly doesn't get near it's limits with newer components drawing less power but it's great to have the adaptability and the power reserve. Comes with enough cables for just about anything you could ever need.

Optical Drive

Cheap, cheerful and prone to having tantrums. Works 8 times out of 10.

Optical Drive

The old faithful HD-DVD and Blu-Ray combo.

Case Fan

Big and near silent. Great upgrade for the original case fans.

Case Fan

Used with the H90 Cooler. Lovely and quite even when spun up to full speed.

Case Fan

Big, Red, and near silent. Great upgrade for the original case fan.


Lovely monitor. Bought in an emergency to replace a failed Samsung 32". Excellent colours and works fine for gaming and movies. Luckily I got mine for a bargain price second hand or I'd never have been able to afford one.

Some back light bleed but nothing too serious.


Excellent keyboard. Very easy to dismantle and clean too.


One of very few trackball options around these days. Only lasts 10 months before the buttons start to die. Such a shame as it's not a cheap product.


Great speaker set. They still seem to hold their value after all this time. Such a shame no one makes anything with this power any more.

Laptop (Legacy)

Found second hand for a great price. Now running 16GB RAM, a 120GB SSD, and 1TB 2.5" drive. Perfectly portable and can handle pretty much anything needed.

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