Hello Everyone!! For starters, this was a first time build of mine and in case you don't read my account description, I'm only a sophomore in High School. I have wanted to build a gaming PC for a good year now and finally scraped up the money to do so. In total, it probably took me 7 hours to build this beast. When I first turned it on, I had no errors or problems and it booted right into BIOS. I was wicked happy and surprised to be honest. The only problem I have had so far is installing all the drivers and software. I have never built a computer before so I had no idea what I was in for.

Before building this computer, I have only ever used a laptop and I'm still adjusting to the difference. It took me quite a long time to decide on all these parts and I had quite a lot of changes done to the list. This PC, now that I'm out of school for the summer, will be used primarily for gaming. I am hoping to be able to play more demanding titles like The Witcher 3, GTA 5, etc. It will also be used for some coding and graphic design of sorts later on.

I will add more pictures when I get back to where my other monitors and full setup is.

If you have any recommendations at all, feel free to let me know!

Part Reviews


So far this processor runs great. It's a huge step from using a laptop. No complaints and installing was a breeze. I see a lot of other people complaining about temps of this processor running high but so far I haven't had it run above 50.

CPU Cooler

I was surprised about the size of this radiator. Apart from that, this is an amazing radiator and I'm glad I choose it over a liquid cooler. It keeps my processor very cool which is great.


This motherboard is amazing. I love the lighting of it and I will be adding led strips soon. I haven't tried any overclocking or anything but that might be happening in the distant future. I choose this monitor in case I do an SLI setup and it was a breeze to install.


Is there much to say about ram? It's fast and it was easy to install lol.


Oh my gosh. The speed. I ran an ssd inside my laptop (the crucial one) and that was fast but this... this is insane. It runs wicked fast and I boot into windows really fast. It was really easy to install and definitely easier than the 2.5" ssd.

Video Card

What can I say? This graphics card is performing really well on my 2k 144hz monitor. I had originally thought about a 1060 6GB but then decided it would be better with a 1070. Just a day before I was going to get the 1070, it sold out on newegg and amazon alike. This bummed me out but I thought, "why not" and got the 1080. I had some trouble with the fan settings at first but it's all set now.


For my first time build, this case was really nice to build in. It was very easy to install the motherboard and the only thing I was worried about was the radiator and 5.25" drive not fitting. Both fit but my 5.25" drive sticks out just a little in the front (see pictures). It is super quiet and the cable management helped a lot.


Some people complain about the monitor color setting but once you change them, this monitor is stunning. It is such a change from a laptop with a 1080p screen attached. The refresh rate and resolution leave me in awe.


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Awesome build man!

I noticed you have one big part issue: 7700k has buggy hyperthreading and really bad temps.

You used the exact same storage drives as I in my build! Have you turned off windows cache buffer wiping? It improved my ssd speeds.

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Thanks man! I haven't had many problems with the temps of the processor so far which is good. It's fast too which is good.

I haven't actually. How could I do that?

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You could do this, but I would not recommend it.

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I meant to say turn it on lol.

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I meant turn it on, but anyways, you turn it on in control panel > devices > (name of ssd)

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The same exact thing happened to me with the graphics card. We must have bought them on the same day. Hahaha. Nice build, though!!

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If you have water cooling parts, I would recommend turning the power supply to face downward (if it isn't already) because it makes sure that if your system leaks, you won't damage the power supply and risk a fire.

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