My PC Build in Late 2019.

CPU- I7 9600k- I went with this CPU for streaming. My I5 would be under 100 percent CPU usage and would cause lagging and hitching in the stream.

CPU Cooler- NZXT kraken x52- Great water cooler. Already had it from my last build. Will look really nice in this case.

GPU- I found my GPU on facebook market place for $300 factory refurbished. I would recommend looking locally or would go with a RTX 2070 super for around $500. The GTX 1080 will be plenty to play any of the games I play at 1080p with max settings.

Ram- Corsair RGB 3200- RGB and fast memory what else could you want. I got it on amazon for around $84.

Motherboard- MPG z3990- Went with this mother board because It supports my CPU(8th and 9th gen CPU) supports my memory speed. And went with my Red black color scheme. It also supports overclocking if I need it to.

Case- NZXT H510- easy to work with case. Red/black theme.

Storage- Kingston 240tb/Barracuda 2tb- affordable memory and is fast enough for what I need it for. I will install windows on my SSD. Games on my HDD. My add a 32gb intel octane down the line.

Cable mods- I got red/black cable mods on Amazon for my for all my cords and even a sleeve for my NZXT Kraken. both sets were $50 on Amazon.

Monitors-Alienware Aw2518H- Want to play at the fastest possible Hrz possible. I got this monitor at a local store on sale for $300. Sceptre- Cheap second monitor too stream with.

Keyboard/mouse- I have an Anne Pro 2. Perfect 60 percent keyboard. and Wireless G pro. Both use on blue tooth unless I'm gaming and I plug in my Keyboard. I run my G pro wireless and have no latency.

Headphones- Astro A50- I wanted a good wireless headset with surround sound. Hit all my needs for gaming. Got on sale black Friday last year around $200.

Post and comments or questions down below. If you have any input for this build put it down below to maybe help the next person out. Thnaks!

Will post pictures one I receive all my parts.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Kept my I5 while overclocked perfectly cool under load.

Video Card

Perfect card if you can get it at a good price.


Best monitor I've ever owned!


Super responsive and easy to use. Really light and wireless makes a perfect mouse.


Comfortable! Sound is precise! Wireless!

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