This is my first ever build. This will be my main desktop for casual use as well as gaming. This build cost approximately $1900 CAD before tax (minus peripherals). Decided to upgrade to a NVME SSD which was definitely worth the extra $150.

Amazingly fast PC and looks really nice and sleek. Decided to try RGB and so far I really like it (for now at least). Boots really quickly and can barely hear the fans running. Have not really pushed it yet as I'm currently exploring it and testing different things. So far, no complaints.

Graphics card is quite large so it would be slightly difficult to add a second one in the future. Not much room for too many big additions.

Part Reviews


Amazing fast CPU. What more needs to be said except you won't regret buying this.

CPU Cooler

Pretty solid cooler. Not the quietest one around however. When I configured auto speed settings in BIOS, became a lot quieter after lowering fan speed from 60% to 30%. Radiator did interfere with the front panel of my case. Although, no issues in terms of actual cooling - PC sticking to low 30C on idle and minor work load.


Great motherboard! Looks very cool in my case and easy to install components.


Great RAM for a great price!


Probably the best and most reliable HDD you can get for that price. Always worth getting an extra TB or two for a couple extra bucks.


Would've given it a 5 stars except I wasn't able to put my radiator on the front as it prevented the snap on front panel from closing. Otherwise great looking nice sleek case. No other issues.

Power Supply

Solid power supply. Did have an issue with the first one I bought as it had a high pitched noise when I shut down (likely a defect). However, I replaced it with a new one and it works perfectly.


Very fast SSD with amazing read/write speeds. Able to move extremely large files (multiple GB) within a matter of minutes, even seconds!


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Nice looking build. +1

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Thanks! Appreciate it!