Bough it part by part locally (Bolivia), all around very good PC for the money,

Lets hope it gets its GPU soon, with the crypto currencies debacle it is impossible to get a decent GPU for the money, was hoping to get a RX 570 4GB or something around the 200 USD mark, but it will have to wait. (there are some pretty good deals for GTX 970 and 980 on ebay, but with shipping and duties it comes almost the same as purchase it locally)

Part Reviews


Pretty good cpu, specially for the money. Integrated GPU surprised my while I tested it with Dirt 3 managing to get to +30 fps @ 1080p medium settings. Really good cooler, it's very quiet and keeps the cpu below 50 °C. Don't see changing it in the near future.


Nice board, got it for 70 usd, which is very cheap here. has USB Type-C, M.2 with x4 lanes and most importantly 4 DIMM slots


Decent ram, got to use the XMP profile and it runs @2400MHz on the B150 mobo. Latency is not that good but one would hardly notice the difference.


Really nice kit, this one bought it in the US when the prices were really good, costed me 150 USD with shipping for the whole kit with 3.5" rack and USD 3.0 enclosure. Needless to say that with 480 GB @+500MBps it rocks.


Nice case, first time I got a corsair case. Good quality for a "budget" case (over here its considered semi-premium) and it includes a 120mm fan

Power Supply

Very complete PSU, holding together very well (not that it has a lot of demand)


I know, it's very expensive locally and I could get a better display for the money. Colors and audio are solid and the damn thing is very good looking.

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