This Build is a successor to my previous build. (Link: Being older and having a job with steady, good income I was definitely able to achieve what I had wanted in my build, which was a smooth 1080p, 144hz gaming experience, with also the ability to run vr smooth with my Oculus Rift. This build turned out way better than i had imagined, and went a lot smoother after learning more experience building pc's.

Part Reviews


This CPU kicks ***. definitely worth the money with a mobo paired at microcenter. I believe I had paid about 250 USD for the mobo and the CPU Combined.


Has everything i wanted, good heatsinks to cool the VRM. The RGB was a bonus.


Does the job, wish i could've gotten higher clock speed, but wasn't willing to pay 300+ for some ram.


Holy moly a SSD Does make a difference in booting. I think i can never go back!


Pulled from old build, Good and reliable for games and video content.

Video Card

This part came from the old build as i progressively upgraded the old one. i got this in July 2016 (I believe) so i didn't pay an arm and a leg for this one.


Fell IN LOVE with this case since it was announced. Surprisingly really good cable management too.

Power Supply

Modular PSU's are soooo nice. this was a must for this build and space i had to work with.

Operating System

still wish it was 7 but oh well.


This was from the old build before i could push 144hz so it works great as a second monitor.


I think ill never go back to 60hz gaming. It is so buttery smooth and with Freesync, it makes sure i never have a bad gaming experience. i got this for 200 dollars at microcenter shortly after Christmas.


This is nice. What can i say about it?


Love this mouse, not too many buttons, not too little. just right in my hand.


Pretty good. Got off hardwareswap for 135 bucks.


These speakers bang! has a dedicated sub and two speakers. these are as good as you can get for 25 dollar speakers. good for music and videos.

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