Tried to replace Core 2 Duo E8400 with 6700k Skylake, without spending too much. Marked old parts with 0$ price.

  • Replaced motherboard, CPU, DDR and CPU cooler with better components.
  • Old power supply died after 7 years of abuse. Had to replace it too.
  • Everything else is from old PC, even OS.
  • Old GPU is working A LOT better than before and can be overclocked to 1050/1500 safe and stable.
  • Now I am only 1000 USD away from 1440p gaming with 1070.
  • 12/01/2017 Update:
  • Replaced motherboard. Again.
  • Changed thermal compound from MX4 to GC Extreme on both CPU and GPU.
  • Replaced stock CPU fans with two Noctua P-12 PWM.
  • Everything is quiet under load.

Part Reviews


Expensive! Maybe it is worth it... Always use fixed Vcore Voltage before stress testing.

CPU Cooler

Overall quality is good, but there is too much noise and vibration from BOTH stock fans.


Expected solid board, which can handle medium overclocking. First board performed well at 4500mhz, and unstable with low CPU Vcore at stock. But CPU fan header died and I had to replace this board with another one. And now I can not overclock 6700k (on auto), because it is unstable and system crashes even at 4400mhz OC!!! So I can not recommend this board for lazy overclocking. One more thing... Only CPU fan header is true 4pin PWM. Other fans are just voltage controlled 4 pins + one fan header is 3pin full speed.


Best memory for this price. Scored 3404 on Passmark with latency of 18.

Video Card

Enough performance for 2016 games. Changed thermal compound, and used silicon grease on fans, and now it is quiet, and runs under 70 degrees C, at full overclock with 10% power increase.

Power Supply

It works fine with Skylake. No glitches so far... and it is silent.

Case Fan

Good air pressure at any rpm, with moderate noise at load. Can be used as low rpm exhaust fan.

Case Fan

Such a good fan. Much expensive. With funny colors that does not match with anything. Good air pressure. Average noise at load. Quiet under 60 degrees C, without Low Noise Adapter. Quality is way above average.


My first expensive LCD screen. Can go up to 75Hz. But today, it is not wide enough for gaming.

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Tried to replace Core 2 Duo E8400 with 6700k Skylake

Needed LGA 1151 mobo

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R9 270 is strong enough for most games. I can get new GPU when I REALLY need one. With new gaming monitor as well.

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