I started building this rig almost a year ago. This is my first build and wanted to have a custom water cooled machine just because.

Once I was going to install my gpu dust had really sum up on my machine so please ignore it, I blowed it and dust it but forgot to take new pics.

Processor: Intel core i7-4790k: when I started this build skylake wasn't out yet so this was the best (besides the xtreme versions) so this was what I was going for. I have it running at 4.8 ghz and haven't pushed it to the limit yet.

MOBO: Since I was going with watercooling I went with the formula basically for this reason, besides it has all the bells and whistles that I could want...and looked cool.

Memory: well not much to was at the same price as the 1866 so went for this one.

Storage: the 850 EVO is my OS drive. I also have my old laptops HHD attached to it (WD black 500GB)

Video Card: The last item I got. I was originally going for the gtx 980 poseidon, but my wife decided it was a good time for some home improvement so that agree was I delayed the video card but would get the newer version (980 ti wasn't out yet so I could wait a little more)

Power supply: There's not much to it, just when for a good and reliable power supply.

Monitor: I wanted a bit more than 1080p, I was debating between a 1440p or an ultra wide one. At the end I decided that 1440p was a more common resolution for gaming that the ultra wide so got this for less than $300

Water Cooling: My first kit was a XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240 Extreme Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit, I don't know if it was my fault or if the pump came bad o what but it sounded like a good damn fish tank, since it had only my cpu attached to the loop it was very cool (28 while idle and 38 when gaming on integrated gpu, with CPU at 4.8 stable) so it was doing it's work, but loud AF. When I purchased the 980 ti, and since I was going to add it to the loop decided to buy something less noisy and better looking so I went for the XSPC D5 Photon 170 Reservoir/ D5 Vario Pump Combo wich is handling perfect. Also though it was a good idea to add a 280 radiator so my cpu temps and gpu temps would have more radiator space to cool down.

Problems: - Finding a place for the Photon750 pump/reservoir in the air 540 was a tricky task. I was able to mount it on the buttom where the HDD goes but had to do a little temporary mod (I used cardboard box)to lift the front part of the reservoir so the pump will always have water flow. But in the end I think it wen't well just have to figure how to make it look nice. - With the new loop I'm having good temps for the GPU (32 idle and 49 at full load) but my cpu is now running at 36 idle and up to 58 under load at 4.4Ghz, I know I have to get SP fans for the 280 rad and maybe apply new thermal paste to the cpu to see if that helps. (all suggestions are welcome) - I know I know I still need to improve my cable management :P.

NOTE: Need to get a new mouse and keyboard so I can give the ones I have a much needed retirement

FUTURE: Near future: Apply new thermal paste to the cpu and change my front fans for SP fans instead of AF.

Far future: I plan to get hard tubbing and probably work on better cable management, but for now I'll enjoy my rig as it is.

P.S. please don't mess with my desk my wife made me use that on top of it hahahaha.

Part Reviews


Very powerful processor. I got my running stable at 4.8 with a custom loop with temps of 28 on idle and 39 on full load. I got my gpu a few months later and was able to game relying only on this bad boy on games like Metal Gear V.


This Mobo has all the bells and whistles that you could ask for. Awsome looks, fast and powerfull. Only downside that I found was the inconvenient placement for the m.2 and of course the price but besides that an excelent z97. Plus Asus bios is really easy to use and allows great control over your system.


very good Ram, have mine running at 2400 for half a year now without any trouble


My boot drive, very fast SSD, I don't have my reading speeds in hand but it makes my rig boot and startup in around 8 sec.

Video Card

Hybrid 980 ti, what can I say more. I haven't yet overclocked it to see what it's capable of but running at stock speed I'm able to run every game I've thrown to it at ultra and it hasn't even flich. My temps with a custom loop are 32 idle/49 load. pretty good for a graphic card.


Very good case if you are going to air cool your rig, or even use a closed loop, plenty of space for fans and radiators and easy for cable management (even if your are a little messy like me). The problem comes with custom loops, if you use bay reservour it will end up sideways (same problem as if you where going to use fan controls) and if you use tube reservoirs it kind of hard to place them (at least in the front). On the bright side of this case is tha huge space it has to handle things around, all the messy cables are in the back, plus the easy swap for the HDD are great. and the back cage can handle up to 4 SSDs. It also has enough grommets to pass all the necessary cables with ease.

Power Supply

Very quiet, powerfull and reliable. It handles al my hardware with easy including a 980 ti and it doesn't even turn on the fan for most of the time. (unless benchmarcking or something really demanding)


It's a bang for the buck. I bought a 1440p monitor for less than $300. It has a sharp image and with a little calibration you can get really good color too. It's only a 60Hz monitor but since I don't really play much fast pace shooters so it's excelent for me.


One of the best headset I've used. It has a great sound (I had to get my optical cable since it doesn't come with one and only through optical it plays 7.1), an excellent range and it feels good on my ears/head.

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+1 for ingenuity

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+1 but the wife wins. There is no rival, because the wife always wins.

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Hahahaha yeah like they say. "Men always have the last word: yes my love". or the negative form hahaha

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Lol. My wife always does what I tell her to. long as it is her idea.

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Know the feel bro, know the feel. haha