Waiting for the Dan Case A4 v4 to come out, this is my transitioning build.

Went from an 8700k/Asus-Code build to a more modest 9400F/B360-i to get ready to move into a mini itx enclosure.

Right now the D15 looks mighty silly on top of the little Mini itx. Once I have the dan case I'll purchase a L9i or c7 if I can find it anywhere. It's completely gone at the moment.

I'm aware the RAM is stuck at 2666mhz, thats just the ram I had before. Thinking of selling it for a 2x8GB 2666mhz but im not sure.

I want to replace that 1080 G1 so bad. it was the cheapest at the time and now I am audibly paying for it. The coil whine sucks so hard which is fine in the define C but I'm worried its going to be awful in the dan case, hopefully i can replace it at some point. going to go with EVGA.

Part Reviews


It's a cheaper and newer 8400. Been able to handle anything I throw at it along with the 1080.

I do need to watch out for background software being silly. Didn't have to do that with my 8700k but thats also more than twice the cost.

Looking forward to using this long term.

CPU Cooler

It's massive and it's cold. Unfortunately my combo of mobo, cooler case combo, the 24 pin cord blocks a second fan. It functions just as well with a single fan.


It has what I need, currently using an anker 3.0 usb hub for my webcam, mic, xbox controller and mouse to combat the low amount of USB's. Great cheap board though.


It's good memory. It looks great and its just the right height.


Good middle ground between NVME and HDD.

I like the RAM disk function with my extra ram.

Video Card

The coil whine is so bad. I tried three different PSUs.


It's a good case. I prioritize silence and it does the job.


It's ok for the price. cheapest 144hz at the time. Quite a bit of ghosting though.


RMA upgrade from m45. I like it.


Best open headphones I've tried.

Also the only open headphones I've tried.


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The computer looks good. May I know if the BIOS/UEFI needed an update to support the Intel Core i5-9400F?

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Hey Gordon.

Yes, it did. I used MemoryExpress' QuickMount service where they update the board for me as I did not have access to an 8th gen chip at the time.

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