Made this after my old, store-bought desktop died. I don't think I'm ever going back to store-bought desktops again. For $350 ($400 before rebates) I pulled off my first build without going into debt.

My CPU handles intensive gaming like a dream and stays around 50°C while playing games like SMITE and Paladins, and around 45°C when playing games like Minecraft. Yes, I lack a GPU, SSD, and a better CPU cooler, but for the money, it's better than any deal I could get by buying pre-built.

Note The pictures above are from when I first built it, and don't include the new case fan or the wifi adapter. These were also taken before I redid my cable management, so the inside is a lot neater now.

Part Reviews


It handles gaming like a champ. It'll handle MOBAs like SMITE or Paladins without complaint. It'd be worth paying $70 for, less than $65 is a good deal on this.


This is a good board for those of you on a tight budget, like me. It held up pretty well, but be gentle with the SATA ports, as one of my cables got stuck and pulled one off. It isn't noob-proof, but for the money, it's a good deal. It comes with a pretty lengthy manufacturer's warranty of three years, but you can extend the warranty with a 3rd party so it lasts up to six years.


RAM is RAM, and it works well. Can't complain.


I did want a Seagate 2TB HDD, but they didn't have any at Best Buy and I needed this to finish my board when it became clear that my old drive wouldn't work. I took off a star for being annoyingly overpriced, but it was available in a pinch, which was nice. It does its job, but I will need to add more space eventually.


Very spacious, easy to work in, and I had lots of room to make sure everything was wired correctly before sorting out cable management. There needs to be more cable space down by the drive bays, but there were tons of tie-downs once you got all the panels off. I even removed the SDD mounts and used the space for more tie-downs. You can also remove all the panels without tools which is super helpful for dusting from time to time.

Power LED went out after about two weeks working, so I took off a star for that, but Deepcool customer service was super helpful in coming up with some sort of compromise for the cosmetic annoyance.

Power Supply

This is good for beginners who only need 250-300W for their build. It gives you room to expand, and the semi-modular design means that you don't have a disaster of cables behind your motherboard, but you can't unplug anything that you definitely need. All of the hard drive power connectors are on the same cable, which is a bit short when placed inside a PSU shroud (had to get creative with cabling in order to get both my HDD and Optical drive connected.) Otherwise, this was a good wattage for my build, at it gives me room to expand.

Optical Drive

Very noisy, and a bit overpriced, but I needed it in a pinch and it was the cheapest thing at Best Buy. It does its job and would be a good deal for maybe $10 less, but for $30 I'd like it to be a little quieter. I shouldn't wake up my friends when they're sleeping a room over.

Wireless Network Adapter

I would not recommend this to anyone who can afford literally anything else. It was okay for a week or two, and it was performing admirably, but we upgraded our internet and now it's given me trouble. The internet works fine on every other device in the house, but this is now unreliable and throws me off the internet repeatedly.

When it is working, it handles satellite internet just fine, but you won't be able to use the newer 5GHz networks. My internet maxes at 3MB/sec download and 1MB/sec upload, so if that's all you need and you're willing to unplug and replug this thing ninety times a day, then it'll work for you. Otherwise, find something else.

Case Fan

Much, much better than the fan that came with my case. It's quiet, and the very bright LED looks really cool, especially at night. Keeps my rig 5°C cooler at load than the stock case fans, and up to 8°C when doing simple tasks that don't require my CPU to running full-tilt.

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  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

top tip, your wires are meant to be hidden behind the inner case wall. dont worry, i made a similar mistake first build i did too ahaha

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

lol I went in and tidied up a bit when I installed the new case fan. Definitely looks much nicer in there now!

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

looks very nice for a First Build.. :-))

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! :)