Good second build for mom, she needed something to watch movies on, so i got this and built it for her.

Got the cpu and motherboard for 55 bucks at microcenter, score!

Hard drive found on ebay for $11, was surprised that it worked

Psu I got for 45 bucks on newegg

Windows i got for 35 dollars (key only)

Basically i got a really good deal on most of these parts and it was a really easy build, the hardest part was putting the panel back on, then i realized that the top panel screw thread was missing, so i only screwed the panel on the sides, it works, so it doesn't matter.

Sorry for potato quality photos, didn't have a good phone :/

Part Reviews


Good processor for general web browsing.


Sweet board that could overclock the cpu, and had a front usb 3.0 connector which was good for its price.


Its not the fastest drive, but its cheap so I got it.


Good case, easy to work in, side panels stupid to put on.

Power Supply

A basic power supply for a basic build, im suprised at how well this was built.

Operating System

Windows 10 is just cool.

Wireless Network Adapter

Good budget wifi adapter that works really well.


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Very well balanced build, and you've done a great job putting all that in such a small case.

  • 47 months ago
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thanks! I did spend at least half the time doing cable management so i can get clean airflow from the fan to the hardware.

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You have to love those inexpensive AMD builds! Good job.

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Hey just wondering Im semi new to building computers im looking at the same mother board for a mini itx build so how many Usb 3.0 ports does your case have if there are 2 then were you able to use both connected to your motherboard?

  • 38 months ago
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Sorry to ask a question 9 months later, but can I actually overclock my 5350 on this board? (Thought it was asus only)

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  • 47 months ago
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It can stream 1080p video and it's quite good for the money

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