I've finally received all my pieces! YAY! Actually, I was going to use 4 Corsair vengeance sticks, but 1 pair got lost by CanadaPost so I ordered these guys. They're red. They don't fit. I know. It's my first time building a computer by myself, so I might've made a couple of mistakes in my piece choices, but overall I'm satisfied. Looks at that 750WG1 I plan on upgrading to Pascal when it comes out, since this computer is used mainly for gaming recent games the like of GTA, The Witcher3 etc. I went for 16gbs of ram because it wasn't very expensive and I love having a bunch of stuff open at the same time and mostly a lot of Firefox Tabs.

I made that title because I was satisfied with the quick job I had done with my cables before, but now I feel like it's ruined because that CPU cooler blocks the only holes to the back that I had access to in the top part. I guess it's not that bad since it's not longer a purely air cooled system, but I wish I had the patience to do a better job. Sadly I don't and I'll live with it.

Fun with numbers!

CPU I5-4690k @ 4.1/4.45Turbo

GPU GTX 970 @ 1479Mhz Core / 8001Mhz memory

Temps: Idle - Normal - Stress Test

CPU: ~=22C - ~=26C - ~= 60C (Max)

GPU: ~=22C - ~=24C - ~= 58C

About 1,600$ CAD or 1,106 USD

It scored 2800 on Unigine Valley 1.0

PS Picture #8 shows how it used to look like before Monday, when I installed the Cooler and the 2 new ram stick

Part Reviews


This i5 is really impressive. My older computer had an i5-2320@3.0Ghz and it's a major improvement in terms of CPU intensive tasks. With a good CPU cooler, you have room for quite a bit of Overclock. Mine has about 17% on it (4.1Ghz / 4.45GhzTurbo) and it's far from its limit.

CPU Cooler

This Cooler is amazing for the price! It's not that big and it's not the best in the world, but if you don't need more than that, like me, it's perfect! The installation can be a bit difficult if you're alone to do it, so arm yourself with some patience. In some cases, like mine, it blocks the holes that allow you to access the back, so you can't do much with those cables. I don't remove a star for that, because I blame the case for having too little holes that reach to the back.


This motherboard is exactly what I needed, it works well and was easy to set-up when I booted the computer the first time. It was my first computer build, so I was a bit scared that I would get lost, but there are some pre-sets that make it very easy and then the advanced mode has everything I was looking for after looking up more information. I would've taken an additional PCI-Express slot, but I knew that before I ordered it, so I won't count it against the mobo. It also comes with 3 6gb/s SATA cables, which is really practical, since the ones I ordered are shipping from Asia in a boat and a scheduled to be delivered on Jan. 27 (I got the shipping confirmation from Amazon on December 15).

The only TINY little con that I have with this motherboard is that it has LED indicators that can't be turned off, and they aren't all the same color. The Power button on it is permanently red, while the other LED are green unless something is wrong with what they check, in which case they turn red. It isn't a big problem, but since I wasn't going for a red build, I thought the red LED was too bright.


Works well, it's ram. If you're using a Haswell CPU, make sure to set it at 1600Mhz, because it automatically puts it at 1333Mhz if you don't. I ordered them from Amazon and they came in an envelope, in a small plastic case with no company logo/information or anything. Just the sticks. Kind of weird, but I don't know if I should blame Corsair or Amazon for that.


Works well, it's ram. If you're using a Haswell CPU, make sure to set it at 1866Mhz, because it automatically puts it at 1333Mhz if you don't. I ordered those because CanadaPost lost my second pair of Corsair sticks and I knew that my motherboard would simply set it to 1600Mhz to make it compatible with the other sticks. I got a good deal on them on amazon and I bought them even though they don't fit in the case.


I wasn't originally planning on buying an SSD, but a friend of mine convinced me to get one because it was crazy fast. I decided to give it a chance with a low-end one and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Windows 10 and all the programs that open on start-up take less than 25 seconds to be fully ready.


This is a Drive that I salvaged from a computer that was built in 2005 by my mother's ex. The PSU pretty much blew up at the end of 2011 and I kept it unplugged in my room until recently. I decided to finally take the HDD out because there were a bunch of family pictures /songs / videos that we wanted to keep. I transferred them to my other computer and I formatted the disk. It still works perfectly and for that reason alone, I think it's worth a 5/5!


This is basically the younger brother of my other HDD. It works perfectly for now, but I've read reviews saying these drives are like a hit-or-miss in terms of durability, so I'll change my review if any problems start to appear in a couple of months. For 2 TB though, 89.99$ CAD is a really good price and I was ready to risk it.

Video Card

Ok, here's the biggest upgrade of all for me. I've not had a proper gaming PC since the one my Mother's ex built for us in 2005. When that PC died, we had to buy one at Best Buy. That PC's graphic card was a GT520 with 1gb of DDR3. It wouldn't run skyrim on minimum, the memory was too slow.

This came in at 1.35Ghz core with the factory OC and the boost, and now it runs at 1.48Ghz(+125). The memory was at 7Ghz and I oc'd it to 8.0Ghz(+500). It can go higher in both, but Really easy to do and learn with NVidia Precision. The fans are powerful, so if you want to keep your system cool, they work well and thanks to a custom fan curve, it can be fully silent at idle. The fans, however, don't start if NVidia Precision isn't running, so make sure that it's open before you start playing. With the fans set at the ''aggressive'' pre-set, it stays at ~22-24C at Idle and it doesn't reach 60C during stress tests performed with FurMark and Valley 1.0.

It benchmarks around 2800 on Valley 1.0, which seems to be pretty good for a GTX970, without getting hot.


The more I have to use this case, the less I like it. It's sad because I really thought it was a nice case. I think it's the only thing I bought for this build that I'm not satisfied with. On paper, the Cable management options looked good, but in reality, the top part near the CPU and the RAM has a couple of holes, but my H80i GT completely obstruct them. The case comes with 4x120mm case fans and 1x200mm side-panel fan. It's nice to have all that for the price, but none of the fans have connectors for the motherboard, so they run at full speed all the time. The side-fan has to be removed if you plan on buying any bigger CPU coolers, because it's too close to the motherboard. Another thing is that the green LEDs are on the fan, so if you remove it, you also remove the LEDs.

A couple of reviews seemed to say that the LCD temperature display in the front didn't work and stuff, but I didn't have that problem. However, I think the temperature sensor is useless and it would've been much better to have a cable that connects to the Motherboard's USB ports, like the CPU cooler. Couple that with a piece of software that allows you to decide what component's temperature should be displayed in the front and you'd had something actually useful.

I'll leave the rating at 4/5, but honestly, it's more of a 3.5/5.

Power Supply

Ahhh, The Supernova NEX750G1. People don't seem to like it on this website. I know it's not the best, but honestly, a Fully-Modular Gold rated 750W PSU for that price? 105$CAD?(That's $72.25USD) I couldn't say no. It still works amazingly well for me right now and if it keeps going like that, it'll keep its 5 star rating.

Optical Drive

It installed Windows and Drivers... I bought it almost exclusively for that... so it did its job, I guess. I don't buy anything on DVDs or CDs anymore and I don't actually plan to. With my External hard drive, I have 4.25TB of Hard Drive storage, and for a reason. I don't see why waste resources in making disks now-a-days. The only things I value having on DVDs are Windows and Components Drivers, because I want them to be available at any moment, even if I have no access to the internet.

Operating System

I like it a lot. I took part in the insider program and I tried it before the official release and I didn't like it. Looks like they improved it a lot and I'm happy with it. It's a lot better than Windows 8/8.1 and once you get used to it, kind of on par with 7. Cortana is a fun feature to have as a Halo fan, but I guess it's not exactly practical on a computer, unlike with smartphones.

Wireless Network Adapter

I am changing my review for this WNA. I was having stability issues and low connection speeds whenever I would let the computer run for a day. I didn't understand why at first and it really pissed me off, but now I know. When you open windows for the first time, it installs basic drivers for it, but they don't work well at all. The adapter comes with a small disc that installs TP-Link's own program and drivers, and it works flawlessly. For test purposes, I streamed a game for about 4 hours straight and it dropped 0 frames.


This was my main monitor for a couple of years and I can't really find anything negative to say about it. It's responsive, the size is fine for working on it, though it's a bit small for gaming. That being said, it's not like I didn't know the size before buying it, so it would be unfair to count that as a con. The only thing I can think of is that it doesn't have an HDMI port or a DisplayPort.


It's a 4.5/5, really.

It's a nice Keyboard, but it's way too expensive. I also wish I had waited a couple more months before buying it, because they released the Chroma version. My previous keyboard was a Logitech G110 and the Razer just doesn't feel like much of an upgrade. There are a couple of things that I don't understand about it and the first one are the cables. Like the G110, the BW has a usb port, a 3.5mm microphone jack and a 3.5mm speaker jack. The difference is that the G110 only needed 1 usb cable for everything, whereas the the Razer has 2 USB cables and the two 3.5mm jacks plugged in the computer. I saw no difference in performance between both, so I don't understand why Razer made that decision. It also only has 5 programmable keys, while the G110 had 12.

Is it a bad keyboard? No, not at all, but I just don't think it's worth the price at all.


Unlike my Keyboard, I think this mouse is more than worth it's price. It looks great, like most Razer products. It's very precise and it's more comfortable than my previous mouse, the Razer Naga Hex. It only has 2 extra buttons, which might not be for everyone, but after using the Naga Hex for a couple of years, I realised I never really used those thumb buttons anyway. Right now I only use the ones on the DeathAdder to select the sensibility stages of the mouse depending on the game I play.


This headset is really nice, I like it a lot. I don't know what to write, so I'll make a list.

-Great all around sound, music, games, Skype/TS/Vent

-Decent microphone for recording commentary, but not singing.

-Has a 4-pin 3.5mm jack and comes with an adapter to two 3.5mm jacks (Can be used for other things when the Headset isn't being used)

-Includes a code for the full version of Razer Surround, which makes a major difference.

-More comfortable than many other headsets I tried

External Storage

Originally purchased for my Xbox One, but I decided to use it for my PC instead. It works really well and it's so small, you can carry it in your pocket without any problems!


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iron maiden rules bruh

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Iron Maiden forever man! They're coming here on April 1st and I have my tickets!

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nice mouse and keybord BTW

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Thanks! The company I work for insures Razer Canada employees, so we get rebates, thanks to a business deal! Their product are kind of expensive honestly, but they definitely work well.

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I'd suggest turning your PSU over if your case has a fan cut out for it. Having it intake the hot air coming from your GPU is a bit counter productive.

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You're right, now that I had to remove the case's side-panel fan I should probably do that. I might be buying a new case soon, because this one doesn't really work that well with this cooler and it doesn't look nearly as good as I hoped haha. Thanks for the constructive feedback! Looks @ GTKid and gives him fries to go with that salt

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Have you bought a desk yet?

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YEAH! Up the Irons! They're coming to Montreal on April 1st and I have my ticket!

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