This PC is something that I would've dreamed of when I was younger. 4 years ago, I built my first PC with a 4790k and a GTX 960 in a closed case. Now, I have an 8700k with a GTX 1080. Upgrading from a 4790k to the 8700k was a huge increase and is definitely worth it to anyone who is on the fence. Obviously it was a little pricey to upgrade the MB, RAM, and CPU but it's worth it.

As for the pictures. The first PC I put together was a mess. I mounted the CPU pump sideways and the wires are insane. My current build has RGB strips so I just have them cycle and it just looks so nice it's hard to describe because I never though having RGB on my PC would look so good.

Part Reviews


Such a fast CPU, can stream and play games on Ultra quality at 144Hz


Good overclocking capabilities and nice look, only downside is only 2 fan plugs.


Frankly, if you don't have at least 32GB of RAM, you aren't a real enthusiast.


SSD's have gotten a lot cheaper since I bought this bad boy. After you use a SSD, you can't go back.

Video Card

Runs everything on Ultra at a stable 60 but I play on 144Hz and even then I don't have to lower settings hardly ever to hit 144 fps.


Really nice looking case but cheap feel to the tempered glass. The glass has rubber feet on the 4 mounting points to the case and they literally just fall off when you move the panel. Also didn't come with the rubber things that you run your wires through but I didn't feel like waiting because who really cares anyways.


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Where’s that purple glow coming from my dude? Did you install led strips or something?