This is my first ever build - so I was a bit nervous going into it but I think I did pretty well. Cable management could have been better but it's not the worst I've seen. This build will be used for trading, as well as gaming with a triple monitor setup. I was originally planning on putting an i5 in this, however I changed my mine last minute as a good offer came up on the i7, so I upgraded.

I'm extremely pleased with this build, especially since it was my first time and I'm not sure I would change anything. Maybe next time I'd go for a different case. Something from NZXT would be nice, but that can be done very easily.


  • 54 months ago
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I dig this build, but I think you could've managed your money a bit better in some places. I can see why you'd need/use the 16 gb of memory, (Triple monitor gaming) so no argument there, but the i7 is really not gonna be utilised unless you're using it for heavily hyper-threaded tasks. Downgrading to an i5 would've given you more headroom in terms of graphics inventory, and you could've gotten yourself a 970.

Just my two cents. Still love the build. +1 from me.

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Yeah, I've thought about this. The i7 upgrade was a very last minute decision. In hindsight, the money would have been better off spent on upgrading my graphics card but I'm not really that bothered.

If I was to do another build, I'd definitely use an i5 but at the end of the day, I now have a pretty awesome PC and I enjoyed building it which is exactly what I set out to do.

Thanks for your input man!

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That's a nice looking build. Krait job!