Basic gaming rig made to play current games at 1080p in high settings without issues.

Pentium was OC'ed to 4.0Ghz, could get higher if not on stock cooler. Plans to upgrade to Xeon to handle code compiling and VMs

Was going to use a 2GB version of the GPU, got the 4GB open box for less than 2GB cost. Case was obtained open boxed from ebay for $50. PSU was chosen as newegg carries refurbished models for $60 that carry a year warranty.

In all with I spent $660 on the build with the deals I was able to get.

Part Reviews


Processor is pretty amazing. Over clocked to 4.0Ghz, with stock fan CPU never goes above 65deg. Could take it further but @ 4.0Ghz all my games run with the CPU intensive settings set to max, so I don't see a need to overclock further. Only issue is it doesn't multitask well, but its a dual core no hyperthreading so what do you expect. Over all amazing deal for $70, Although i'm upgrading to xeon (due to the need of running VM's), I highly recommend this processor for a budget gaming machine.


Good Motherboard, Does everything you want, and has plugs for everything you need. BIOS looks great and gives you control of everything you could want. Windows based software from Gigabyte is pretty crappy, but thats vendor software for you.


Its ram. The red looks good.


Extremely impressed with this HDD. Our work PC's all run of Samsung 840/850's so I was originally looking at those. However I ended up picking this one up due to the price difference. Very happy I did, SSD is stable and fast. Based on my CrystalDisk scores this hard drive performs extremely close(and on some test better) to the Samsung, without the added cost. Plan on picking up another one here soon.

Video Card

Fantastic GPU. Plays all my games on high/ultra settings. I was going to get the 2GB version but I got this one open boxed for the same cost.


Its amazing to find a small case like this one with so many features, especially the hidden disk drive. Although I only paid $50 for an open boxed version, it would be completely worth the full cost.

Power Supply

Great PSU. Powers are stable and gives me enough headroom for Overclocking. Picked up a refurbished one from newegg for $70.


  • 50 months ago
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I plan on buying the same Graphics card, would you recommend it? How has it performed so far?

  • 50 months ago
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I have the same one and it is AMAZING! Love, love, love it. You will be very happy with your purchase and will not regret it a bit! :)

  • 50 months ago
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it has gone well and above my expectations. I would have gone the 2GB model due game benchmarks showing mostly similar results, but I managed to find the 4GB model open-boxed for the cost of a 2GB.