Hello! This buid is an upgrade from my previous pc to skylake system. In this build i put some mods to the nzxt h440 case, LEDs! First mod is the nzxt logo on the psu shroud. The original leds become so dimm after while so I replace the original leds with deepcool rgb leds and with some arrangements it turns out pretty good looking. Second, I get an idea to put white leds inside the case grill on top and the front of the case. Third, Leds backlight behind the motherboard, got inspired from this build (kudos to him) with some adjustment I don't want to make a hole on my case for switch so I connect the all the white leds to deepcool rgb led pcb so I can turn the leds on/off by remote control. The white leds inside the case grill and behind the motherboard have breathing effect but the speed can't be adjusted, anyway I'm really happy with the result. This is the video for the LEDs in action whole setup ; close up

Down below, you can read my thought about the parts that I choose.

Ram : Picked this because : good resell value, and the only option that has the best Mhz/latency ratio with white heat spreader. 3200 MHz Cl 16.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Part Reviews


fast chip! I work with Autodesk programs so i7 processor is my minimum requirement for good operational.

CPU Cooler

good performance and looks, but there is humming sound from the pump (or the fan/radiator)that sounds like mini fridge and the stock fans are really loud I replace it with Corsair sp 120 fans.


Black and white pcb match with my h440 case, the feature is just average compared to other brand. The downside is the placement of Sata ports are facing UPWARDS the problem is it will get in the way if you use multi-gpu as the second card will be blocking the ports. Even with angeled sata cable, the cable will facing to the left that makes it inconvenient to use. In my case I use sleeved sata cable and treat it like 24-pin cable, turns out well.


Have to update the firmware because of the bug. but after that it run fast, never have problem ever since the update. CrystalDiskMark 5.1.1 bench result : seq q32t1: read 554mb/s read ; write 531 mb/s 4k q32t1 : read 362 mb/s ; write 357 mb/s seq : read 535 mb/s ; write 522 mb/s 4k : read 38mb/s ; write 135mb/s

Video Card

This gtx 960 4gb is enough for 1080p/60 fps gaming even though it can't run 60fps with max setting in some games at least its above 40 fps. Fan only turn on if the temperature reach 45 degree C


I have this case since 2014 and still looking sharp. Downside is the included Leds will get dimm after some time.

Power Supply

Not a good variant but never have problem with it.


Frameless, good color accuracy and floating feeling because of clear acrylic stand. Awesome looking 1080p monitor. Has screw hole on the back for vesa mount.


Got it as a gift. Usually I don't care about peripherals but after using it for few days now I got spoiled by how responsive it is compared to standard mouse but it's not as durable as I expected, after 1 year of use, the left click and scroll click sometimes registered as 2 clicks when I press and hold on those buttons. Only blue LED.

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  • 48 months ago
  • 3 points

I like the legos in the case

  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

I have another but I'm afraid the dust stuck in the lego bricks. lol

  • 48 months ago
  • 2 points

Needs a Gunstar :-) .

[comment deleted]
  • 48 months ago
  • 2 points

what temps do you get while overclocked? I thought the h100i GTX doesn't really cool the 6700K while Oc'ed

  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

It's doing well, I just stress testing 6700k with it and I satisfied with the result. 67c at 4.5GHz.