Primarily a gaming rig, enter the HEFTY RX5700XT. Running dual monitors ALIENWARE 240Hz 1ms beast mode monitor, vs second monitor is from a 2005 DELL XPS 410, it runs at 60Hz / 6ms timing, however has extremely good color quality (so great for videos/pictures, not so much for gaming, but I digress) My only gripe is I planned on running a second hard drive ( my main M.2, and a second sata SSD..) Now I wish I just bought the 2TB M.2 drive to begin with, instead I'm going to have to get a second 1TB M.2 SSD. Its worth it for the speed over the SATA connected SSD's. This thing is a beast with the RYZEN 3700X 8 core 16T paired with 3200MHz RAM and the RX5700XT, for the money I do not think its possible to out do this when overclocked it happily runs around 4.6MHz (can be pushed further) with RAM timing and freq adjusting. . . its happay at 3200 however : D

*note, yes there is 1 fan on the inside of the radiator it is an extra to pull more air through, there are in fact 3 pusher fans on the other side! Also that 1 inside fan blows directly on the GPU, works out perfect.

Part Reviews


Awesome processor, I ran bench mark tests and it performed at the tippy top of the leaderboards. I'm not sure if I got lucky, or if they are all like this but its running way faster than what the videos online had shown. I also run a 360mm AIO cooler and maintain 100F @ idle, and 140F @ 99%cpu use

CPU Cooler

Works extremely well at keeping my 8-core overclocked RYZEN 3700X coool. Everything nice and simple out of the box, has a connector to basically run all three fans and the water pump off of 1 plug into your motherboard wich seems to be working fine. Also EVGA logo is lit up white permanently, I haven't been able to get any software to recognize it.. But its subtle enough its fine the way it is. (see photos of build) I also threw a high speed 140mm Be Quiet silent wings 3 fan on the other side of the radiator to pull more air, the stock fans work but this set up drops the temps even more.


Awesome motherboard, bios is great and mine came updated with the latest. The lighting works well too, it isn't too obnoxious but it gives the case a nice back light (see build pics) I can't complain! Everything worked out of the box as it should, the actual "carbon fiber" isn't very prominent, there is only a couple of spots but where there is carbon fiber to me it appears like real automotive grade ( not aerospace grade ) so what a Corvette hood would be made of. (Also handles tons of fans and RGB hook ups with no issue, has 4 sata outputs as well if you like dvd players and HDD's for days)


docked it 1 star simply because I have yet to see the advertised speed out of it, HOWEVER it is still obnoxiously fast for the price point you cannot beat it... So unless you want to spend double there isn't much reason to, SATA SSD's cannot compete with this on its worst day.

Video Card

Works great with no issues at all! Gigabyte has been given a hard time in the past, but in my opinion this card is great! The cooling is pretty much the best of the best as far as aircooled goes the heat pipes are indeed copper, and Gigabyte actually cools the memory too (others do not) and they are now using the metal back plate to absorb the heat as well ( do not touch when hot ) lol But if you place a big old Be Quiet! Fan smack in the middle of the case blowing on the top of the GPU card then it helps cool even more so.


Let me start by saying this thing is HUGE ( see my pictures of it sitting next to two 24" monitors ) I can't see the top of it from my chair, I'd say my eye level is the lower/middle of the thing lol. BUT its great, everything was nicely finished absolutely ZERO quality issues, everything is flawless from the paint to the metal work to the glass I can't see any issues period... The front silver panel is actually REAL brushed aluminum. As far as negatives go only the top and power supply are filtered. The front intake is not, wich isn't an issue for me I don't have much dust anyway. The second negative is there are no rubber grommets for the wire passage holes in the case, as seen in my build pics its wide open.. This shouldn't be an issue to get some universal ones and cut them to fit, its just 1 extra step in the process. But over all I had never heard of RAIDMAX prior to buying this case, and I don't think I want anything else... I also have a Be Quiet! case and I'd say the quality of this is actually higher than Be Quiet!

Power Supply

Great little power supply, I was surprised to find that not only does this come with white cables, but the main power supply cables are also wrapped in a white mesh (looks good). Only Issue I had was the instructions were not crystal clear on where to plug the CPU into the power supply, so the first post I went for it was turning on and shutting off over and over and over... Uppon digging deep into the internet, I found the bottom right of the PSU is for the CPU, and to the left of that is for the GPU, in this config its working great. ( I'm guessing this wont be an issue for most people, but for me it was my first time using a Corsair power supply and they didn't directly say plug this here, they list off two plugs at a time for the same area.)

Operating System

Its from microsoft so It loses 1 star on premise. Product works as advertised, no issues other than you have to manually tell it not to spy on you.

Case Fan

Works as advertised, even at full speed its quiet. To me anyway.


DELL really likes building 1 ton monitor bases. I feel like the base is 1/2 the cost of every DELL monitor... anyway, its not gonna fall over thats for sure, and if you happen to be in a tornado you can place your house under it and it probably wont go anywhere! Other than that, works as advertised 240Hz @ 1920 x 1080 no issue. Also appears to be quality built, does NOT look cheap. Again, use it to hold your house down in a hurricane and your neighbors can bask in its industrial strength. (*note, be aware if you move the monitor around or flip the orientation you can accidentally put it into "preview" mode. This splits the screen down the middle giving two different display settings. The reason I say this is because I thought I broke it, but I guess this is a common yet mysterious issue! You Just simply unplug your Display port/ HDMI wire from the computer and re-plug it in. If not unplug the monitors power supply and this should reset it. : )


Works pretty well, with Logitech's software you can change the colors the patterns the brightness, it lets you only do sections of different colors rather than choose specific keys. Doesn't bother me because my previous keyboard had no lights, it required a flashlight to find it.


Right hand ball mouse, aka the only way to go period.. Make more logitech


So loud I got yelled at within 30 seconds of turning it on. 10 of 10 Logitech


has lasted 15 years and still works fine. 5 stars DELL! The only reason I posted this is because these monitors are still circulating and can be had for around $100.00 In my opinion the color is actually better on this monitor than many modern monitors. The only downside is its 60Hz max, and 6ms timing. Also weighs about as much as a barge, keep that in mind your desk might file a complaint.


Another 15 year old/still working great product. Again just posting this because these guys are still floating around used/ and re-built I think they are worth it, its a good driver.

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Great job but I'm shocked you've never heard of RAIDMAX. They've been around for a long time and have a stigma of being cheap cases and lousy power supplies. I haven't looked at their premium line but if you say it's better than be quiet!, they are moving up then.

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Thank you! And yeah I never heard of them, I have a XPS 410 and I've always liked the silver and white look with the black accents, and I just happen to see this case scrolling through Newegg's list of towers. I can't say how their power supply is? I'm running a Corsair psu (thats what the big youtubers suggested and I'm happy with it) But I'm happy with it, at the price point I got it was $106.00 and included the RGB fan at the rear wich seems to work well and quiet as well.