This is a custom built computer. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encircled with bands of Phanteks Enthoo Pro. On the item is an image of a dragon in metal. It menaces with spikes of MSI and G. Skill. It is encrusted with Noctua and Cougar.

So I needed a new machine to run dwarf fortress, as my laptop just couldn't handle those amazing graphics. One thing led to another over this past summer, and here's this build!

One note on the fans: Reasonable price, look great. The fan blades are orange, but they are a nice ruby red when lit up and spinning. Fairly quiet and push enough air for my purposes. One note -- they come with silly little rubber pins for mounting along with actual screws. The pins don't work whatsoever, just go with the screws. The fans have built-in damping material anyway, so...

Build went pretty smoothly for my first one, largely helped by the great case. I've had it running for a few days now, and love it to death. Fast, quiet, and (for me) powerful. More importantly, dual screens and an ssd. I've kept it fairly modestly overclocked because I don't want to push it with the temperature variations I have here.

Part Reviews


Pretty standard. I'm going to be running some CAD, some games, some coding. Nothing that actually uses 8 cores. Wanted some overclocking headroom just for fun/experience. If you notice, the temps are a bit high -- I live in an un-airconditioned dorm room on the east coast, and it's been pretty hot lately. I overclocked it under those conditions so that it's for sure good later in the year. Not like I really need the extra performance; it's super speedy already.

CPU Cooler

had good reviews. Very quiet, seems to work well even when it's like 85 degrees and humid


had good reviews, matched my gpu (which I got first). The cpu code readout on it is actually pretty nice and helped me a lot when troubleshooting one issue with POSTing.


8gb is more than I'm going to use for the forseeable future. 1866 was not a bad price. Color matched the rest.


picked up on prime day. Sweet so far, boots way faster than my laptop


Works, seems quiet. About all I can say at the moment.

Video Card

icked up on prime day for fairly cheap. I only game at 1080p, and don't even play the newest titles (most intensive game is probably Planetside 2), so it has more than enough power for me. It does run hot, although that's somewhat related to the humidity and lack of AC (see the reasoning for the CPU).


I don't see this case as much as I should on here -- it was wonderful to work in. big, very easy to work with, has dust filters for all of the fans, built in fan hub, ssd mounts, and lots of cable routing holes/space. Also comes with a sorted box of screws, take me now. Helps that I find it drop-dead gorgeous, especially with the red cougar fans.

Power Supply

Modular was great, although now that I'm done, I realize I should have gone with just semi-modular. Quiet, no issues so far. The black cables are a nice touch, it's hard to even see them.


Honestly gorgeous. I love them so much, and it's only partially because I went straight from 1 like 17" screen to dual 23"s. I like the glass finish, but that's probably a taste thing. Word of warning: only ship with HDMI and VGA. I needed DVI, so just had to order cables. No big deal.


Keyboard is gorgeous and great to type on. I've never had a mech keyboard, but am very happy with this. Backlighting is a nice touch. Everybody who's seen it was surprised it wasn't mech.

Mouse seems much cheaper than the keyboard, but when I look at it, I would pay $25 for the keyboard alone, so the bundle is a good deal.


The mouse that comes with the keyboard isn't really great for me, so I got this. Fits my hand very well, seems to work great. Very programmable, but I've never had a gaming mouse before, and don't have a point of comparison.

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  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

How was the length of your Powercords in a full tower case? I was thinking about getting this power supply in an NZXT Phantom 530 and I heard that the power supply cables are pretty short.

I noticed you had a full tower case and just wanted to hear your thoughts.

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Didn't have any issues with cable length, build was pretty straightforward even for a first-timer.

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

Hello. Do you have I see that you have 3 intake fans and 3 exhaust fan. Do you have positive or negative pressure? Does dust build up inside?

[comment deleted]
  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm studying engineering, what else would I be talking about other than my build? Q.Q Let me have my fantasies.

Thanks for the feedback! Honestly the SSD and dual monitors were the things I was most excited about, since I don't actually game much during the semester and don't really play graphics intensive games when I do (though the card in my old desktop was a 7900GS, so I'm still able to run things in way higher quality now). They're going to be so nice for doing work on.

[comment deleted]